Easy Espalier Trellis

While remodeling the interior of our house, the exterior was severely neglected. The backyard was in especially bad shape as it had been the dumping spot during demolition. Warm weather, completing inside projects, and my son’s longer naps encouraged me to get cracking on the backyard! Our first summer in the house was all aboutContinue reading “Easy Espalier Trellis”

Dining Room Process

Our current house is the first house we’ve lived in that has a proper dining room. We’ve lived in apartments and houses with dining areas, but never a proper dining room. When we bought our current house we thought about creating an open concept floor plan between the dining room and kitchen, but ultimately decidedContinue reading “Dining Room Process”

DIY Wood Mantle

When we bought our house, the image I had for our fireplace was so different. There was wood paneling surrounding the fireplace that I figured we would paint, clean up the stone, and be done. However, when we got the keys we noticed light coming in where a section of panel was pulling away fromContinue reading “DIY Wood Mantle”

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