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DIY Valentine’s Table Decor

Valentine’s Day is a special day to show love and appreciation to your loved ones. This year, why not set the mood by creating a romantic table setting that will make your loved one feel extra special? Whether it’s a Valentine or Galentine celebration, you can create DIY Valentine’s Table Decor in no time!

DIY Valentine’s Decor

It’s been a while since I did a Valentine’s craft. The last time was making clay hearts with my son. After painting a bookcase for my daughter I got inspired to make something that can hang on the wall over the shelf. Keep reading to see my DIY Valentine’s decor.

Reviving My Very First Furniture Flip!

When Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic show (did you ever watch?) was on air I was so inspired to paint any vintage furniture I could get my hands on. I went on the hunt for a bookcase, I found one that up until recently still had the same paint I used from all those years ago.…

Our Epiphany Celebration

Since moving to Seattle, bakery visits have become so integral in my life. There are so many good options in our area. Proximity plus my sweet tooth equals trouble for me. When I learned a nearby bakery makes King cakes, I knew I had to have one for our Epiphany celebration!

2023 Home DIY Vision Board

At the start of every new year my husband and I set intentions. Usually these lists include career goals, health goals, family quality time. Separate of intentions, I also like to make to-do lists for house projects. This year I wanted to elevate my to-do list and make a 2023 home DIY vision board

Christmas Breakfast Nook

This year I scaled down my Christmas decorating a bit. Life just felt more hectic with a busy toddler getting into everything and my son’s crafts and projects that seem to be all over the house. One space I can’t forget, is part of our kitchen. Read on to see our Christmas breakfast nook!

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament DIY

Ever since my son started kindergarten we have been so busy with school events. One of the latest tasks is making ornaments for his class. While assembling the ornaments, I was inspired to create a version of it for a baby’s first Christmas ornament DIY. Keep reading to see what I made!

Pampas Grass Christmas Tree

Last year I made a pampas grass wreath and this year I’ll try my hand at a small pampas grass Christmas tree! Keep reading to see how it turned out. I’m still on the fence about it….

DIY Dried Lavender Sachet

For the last few years our lavender has been growing in nice and full. This last summer we cut back the bushes and I saved a ton to dry. Keep reading to see how I made DIY dried lavender sachets.

Fall Small Porch Decor

Do you have a small porch? Small porches can be more tricky to decorate than big, sprawling porches. Awkward angles, steps, and doors can make for cramped layout. Scope out my fall small porch decor for inspiration!

Fall Small Porch Decor


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