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How To Make An Easy Peony Flower Arrangement

How To Make An Easy Peony Flower Arrangement

No matter where you buy your peony flowers, be it a grocery store, farmer’s market, or even faux, they are fun to arrange. Read on to see easy ways to show off your blooms.

Do you buy fresh flowers? Or do you cut flowers from your yard to bring indoors? The Seattle area is surrounded by some great flower farms and we are lucky to have pretty varieties in the markets. A friend tipped me off on a peony farm that I’ll share further down. Since moving here, I’ve been trying to visit all the flower farms I can.

Before going to the farm though, I purchased some peonies form Trader Joe’s and had fun using some tips I learned from a floral arranging class at a shop called The London Plane. It is actually a cafe and flower shop that sells some goods like gift items and food items, and they have different class offerings. The space is in an old bank and it is beautiful just to poke around in. I could go on and on, but let’s talk about floral arranging and how to make an easy peony flower arrangement!

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Gather Materials

How To Make An Easy Peony Flower Arrangement

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I chose hydrangea for their size, some eucalyptus to give height and movement, and of course the peonies!

Cut off stems at an angle.

cut flower stem

If you have ever read up on floral arranging or taking care of bouquets, you may already know the angle cut helps the stems draw in water. I sort of eyeball the stem against the vase, then place it in the vase to see if I need to cut more.

Trim off any leaves that will touch water.

Cut flower leaves

This step helps prevent decay and bacteria from shortening the life of your arrangement.

Place fullest flowers in vase.

hydrangea in vase

In this arrangement there is no foam, flower frog or grid of tape. If I find the flowers drop too much, I secure with rubberband around the stems .

Add in next largest flower-peonies!

How To Make An Easy Peony Flower Arrangement

Hydrangeas tend to wilt quickly, so I remove them and adjust as needed. As peonies open, they will take up the space left by hydrangeas. So you kind of get two arrangements!

Add in the greenery.

How To Make An Easy Peony Flower Arrangement

It is good to rotate the vase and look for any empty spots that need to be filled. As you move the vase, add in the greenery so it sits at the lowest and highest levels. I like the look of the stems spraying out of the bouquet.

Display your arrangement!

How To Make An Easy Peony Flower Arrangement

Two of the peonies had just started to open, while some remained shut tight. This method of arranging is lose and open for adaptations. You can add roses, anemones, more eucalyptus, and sometimes a random branch or filler will be at the store or in your yard that you can add in. I set this one out for a small dinner party while the hydrangea was still fresh and peonies just starting to pop.

Edit the arrangement.

How To Make An Easy Peony Flower Arrangement

I mentioned that hydrangea tend to wilt quickly, at least for me. The peonies definitely outlast the hydrangea, and they open they fill up the vase on their own. You can also add in other flowers too.

Peonies on their own.

How To Make An Easy Peony Flower Arrangement

Peonies are so pretty and full. The look great all on their own in tall and short vases.

Peony farm visit.

Peony farm.

On a whim we had booked a trip for Memorial weekend. The place is close to Pure Peonies, a farm a friend told me about. To drive there from Seattle is a bit long for a day trip, but was manageable when staying nearby. I am not sponsored or affiliated with the farm; just think it is a cool place to share.

Tip: before visiting a flower farm, check their website, Facebook page, or other means of communication to make sure flowers are blooming.
Boy at peony farm.

The field is small, but enough space for a kiddo to run around. There are plants, single stems and bouquets for sale.

How To Make An Easy Peony Flower Arrangement

I bought about twenty single stems that we brought to our vacation rental for a few days before returning home. Once we got home I made up a bouquet for my sister-in-law (the light colors in tall vase on right), and three short arrangements in mason jars for teachers and neighbors.

Thank you!

Hope you enjoyed reading and hearing about the farm visit. Pin the image below if you would like to save this article for future reference! Also, make sure to subscribe at the right side to receive all of the latest tutorials from This Dear Casa! Thanks for stopping by!

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How To Make An Easy Peony Flower Arrangement

Another idea for floral fun- making a wreath with dried flowers.

Try this tropical floral arrangement.

How To Make An Easy Peony Flower Arrangement

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  1. This is a great post. I always struggle with arranging flowers. But stop the presses! Tell me about that wall behind the arrangement! It’s amazing. Looks the Peony Farm is a great place to visit.

    1. Thanks Carol! Oh I should do a post about this wallpaper & how we put it up, but I didn’t take many photos… It is an accent wall & we added a border of molding.

  2. Marie, great, simple tutorial! I’m obsessed with the wallpaper/painting…what is it!? Nice backdrop for your pretty arrangement.

  3. Beautiful! I really need more flowers in my life! And love the wall behind the flowers on your main photo. That is so cool!

  4. What a great tutorial, Marie! And all those fresh peonies! I’m so jealous! I have to get mine from Trader Joe’s! I’m so delighted to be featuring you at Tuesday Turn About this week! Pinned!

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  7. I love peonies. I had a beautiful bush in our last home, and am anxiously waiting to see if any show up in our new home’s garden. This is such a modern and stunning arrangement, I love the greens you used as well. Just gorgeous.

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