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Here you will see all of my tips, DIY tutorials, and inspiration for both outdoor and indoor spaces. I love home improvement renovation projects in our old house, vintage decor like antique furniture, old books, chinoiserie accents, grandmillenial decor like linens and curtains and serveware, I also share tutorials like installing tile, making our own wood mantle, overhauling our yard, retaining wall ideas, building a pergola, making an espalier trellis as well as crafts and flower arranging! I mix new and old, budget and splurge.

6 Easy Ways To Use Up Extra Paint

 6 Easy Ways To Use Up Extra Paint

Do you have tons of extra paint laying around? Small sample cans from when you were trying to pick out the best color for your dining room, spray paint from updating your patio furniture, craft paints from kids’ school projects? You get the idea! Read on for 6 Easy Ways To Use Up Extra Paint; some simple ideas that will make use of those forgotten paints and update your decor in the process!

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