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Reviving My Very First Furniture Flip!

Girls Bookshelf refresh. Vintage bookcase with new paint. Reviving My Very First Furniture Flip!

When Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic show (did you ever watch?) was on air I was so inspired to paint any vintage furniture I could get my hands on. I went on the hunt for a bookcase, I found one that up until recently still had the same paint I used from all those years ago. Now it’s time to update it! Keep scrolling to see me reviving my very first furniture flip!!

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Christmas Breakfast Nook

Christmas Breakfast Nook

This year I scaled down my Christmas decorating a bit. Life just felt more hectic with a busy toddler getting into everything and my son’s crafts and projects that seem to be all over the house. One space I can’t forget, is part of our kitchen. Read on to see our Christmas breakfast nook!

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