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2023 Home DIY Vision Board

2023 Home DIY Vision Board

At the start of every new year my husband and I set intentions. Usually these lists include career goals, health goals, family quality time. Separate of intentions, I also like to make to-do lists for house projects. This year I wanted to elevate my to-do list and make a 2023 home DIY vision board

We are still really busy with our basement renovation. We just passed the electrical cover inspection! Next up will be the framing inspection. Drywall will follow that and then finishes won’t be far behind.

There are still projects that I would like to do on the first level. I am not committing to a timeline for them, as I don’t want to feel pressured.

By creating vision boards I can re-visit the projects later in the year and hopefully having a visual reminder will motivate me to work on them.

Here are the three DIY’s I identified (these are just interior; I have outdoor projects I want to complete too!)

  1. Paint dining room
  2. Son’s sleeping nook refresh (paint lower wall, build counter to consolidate books, more shelves for Lego)
  3. Tile around fireplace insert

1. Paint Dining Room

As I was creating the mood board for the dining room I started to second guess myself.

I started coming across dark blue dining rooms and felt reluctant to change.

Dining room currently.

Dining room with blue walls and yellow curtains

This is the most recent picture I have that shows the paint color. In the warmer months it can read more green, which is not my favorite.

What do you think??? Do you think the lighter blue color shown below will look nice?

Dining room refresh painting

2. Son’s room refresh

My son’s bedroom is broken up into two sections.

So I made one part sleeping quarters (see below) and the other area is his play area.

Nautical theme boy bedroom

Looking at this photo the space looks pretty cute. However, it doesn’t look like this right now- its a mess!

Besides a good clean up and organizing, I want to paint the lower half of the room a navy blue.

I will keep the nautical theme. The ship wheel was in a room in our basement when we moved in. I wanted to keep it as homage to the previous owners.

In addition to the paint, I want to add more shelves to store books and display Lego creations.

Since we had Chloe I feel like it’s been difficult to balance the time spent on each kid.

I hope this room refresh will help our little guy feel special and seen.

See below for my inspiration. On the top left is the light fixture currently in the room.

Boy room refresh makeover ideas

3. Tile around fireplace insert.

We renovated our fireplace upon discovering that it wasn’t original. Not solely because it wasn’t original, but because the previous remodel included covering windows flanking either side of the fireplace and a fireplace that didn’t sit symmetrical with said windows.

It wasn’t a project that we were planning on, but it turned out to be one of our favorites!

The photo below shows my husband installing our mantle and you can see the insert sitting in a new brick surround.

Man working on DIY wood fireplace mantle

Now after living with the completed fireplace for a few years, I feel like it needs a little something extra.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing my neighbors’ fireplaces and can envision what ours must have looked like.

It occurred to me that a bit of tile might warm up the white and add some vintage interest.

I have been on the hunt for some vintage tiles; cross fingers for me!

I was watching a home improvement show that really inspired me to get serious about the project.

The fireplace is on the bottom right of the below graphic; you can see more of the beautiful home here.

Vintage inspired Fireplace tile surrounds. 2023 Home DIY Vision Board

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2023 Home DIY Vision Board

9 thoughts on “2023 Home DIY Vision Board”

  1. fromfarmhousetofloridagmailcom

    This is such a great idea, Marie! I think it would help keep me on track if I made some vision boards for myself! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Marie, I love that moody blue currently in your dining room. I wish I were that adventurous! I attempted a moody blue and blue green on our doors, but our home is so dark I decided against it. I love your room though!

    1. Thanks Cara! In some light I really love the color but some times it reads so different! I’m definitely on the fence still. It took me forever to go for that color. Let’s see if I wait as long to change it lol

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