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4 DIY Home Decor Projects You Can Do In One Day

Woman hanging diy abstract art on bedroom wall.

Is it getting colder where you are? Mornings and evenings have really cooled off here in Seattle. The chilly temps and overcast skies have me thinking about fall and indoor crafts and diy home decor. Read on to see four super easy projects to try!

Seattle doesn’t get a ton of snow like other places, but it is gray for so much of the year. Gray and cold and rainy. It is really easy to stay home, especially for someone with introvert, homebody tendencies like me. I push myself to get out in the cold months. Having a young kiddo with tons of energy helps to motivate me.

When I do indulge my homebody side, crafting and some diy projects are fun things that I can do with my son.

Here are some home decor projects that you can easily do in one day they are very budget friendly!

Here are some home decor projects that you can easily do in one day AND they are very budget friendly!

1. Make a silhouette.

Vintage oval gold frame with diy silhouette picture.

I did this with my son’s image, but I think it could be really cute for a couple to try and do each other’s or even to try with a pet!

You can see the full tutorial here.

2. Use cardboard for easy recycled art.

Vintage frame with abstract art hanging in the middle of two smaller gold framed pictures.

Do you have a ton of cardboard boxes laying around? During quarantine we accumulated so many boxes.

We still had some unpacked boxes from moving too! In an effort to clean out our basement, where boxes, furniture and found items sit, I used some of the cardboard for an art project.

See the steps for cardboard as canvas.

3. Try macramé to make curtain tie backs.

Bedroom window with cream color curtains and yellow diy macrame tie back.

We’ve since whittled down the cardboard pile, now I need to work on my craft supply pile.

Whenever I start a project I try to use what I already have.

These macramé curtain tie backs are part of the effort to use my supplies already on hand. Without macramé cord, I used some yarn a friend had given me.

4. Get a little messy to make concrete bowls.

Lead glass window with dark wood frames. Do it yourself concrete bowls on black table.

Technically this project takes longer than one day because of drying time.

I had been wanting to play with concrete for so long!

A home diy project that yielded extra concrete, gave me the opportunity to try making a concrete bowl.

Thank you so much for visiting my casa and checking out these projects. Drop me a line in the comments section. I always love to hear from you.

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