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4 Easy Tips For A Stylish Work From Home Office

Still working from home? Read on for some fun tips to create your home office!

This post is written by a special guest- my sister-in-law Mathilde! In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, she created her work from home office, using many items already found in her home. Keep reading to see what she pulled together!

1. Shop Your Home

I finally decided to carve out a small office space in my basement; with the intent of having a little retreat while everyone is home. With many of my favorite vintage shops closed during the Covid-19 pandemic, I decided to do the next best thing: shop my own home first.

The lone office window adorned with books and a sculptural

2. Repurpose Furniture

To paint the picture of the space, it’s a fairly small, rectangular room that has essentially been an additional storage closet the last few years. I knew it had potential to transform and based on the scale, didn’t need a lot stuff to make it happen. First up was a desk option. I decided to repurpose my former dining table which could also double as a writing desk! This became the tentpole inspiration for the rest of the room…a bluestone, French-industrial beauté I’ve coveted and hung onto for years.

The beautiful desk adapted to WFH life.

3. Upcycle A Freebie

Of course, I couldn’t complete the room without a little DIY opportunity. I found a freebie mid-century modern credenza that needed a little extra love and facelift. I decided to go with a two-tone paint option (custom colors from my local hardware store) to elevate the look and compliment the neutral palette. Updated gold hardware followed with the Parisienne theme purchased from CB2. I recycled the left-over paint by using an old canvas and (rather freely) painting an abstract piece to hang just above the credenza and pull the wall together.

The credenza in original colors before it’s glow up.
The credenza with a new and improved look!

4. Choose Retail To Fill In Gaps

Next, I perused each room to collect other ancillary items throughout the house. I gathered books, a live-edge stump, plants, lamps, floating shelves and a West Elm rug that was previously housed in the master bedroom. I quickly realized this was really coming along and who knew I had this much stuff! I did need three pieces to fill in the gaps and chose to give big box stores a second glance. After all, the retail world seemed to be on perpetual sale during the pandemic. I landed on a grey swivel velvet chair (Cost Plus World Market), mirrors to reflect light in the tiny space (Home Depot) and a Flexi spot desk riser to create an ergonomic sit/stand desk option (Amazon.)

Repurposed shelves with items from around the house.

Overall, the approach of exploring my own home first before shopping online proved a fun and invaluable experience; plus, I embraced my inner minimalist. It gave old items new life and most importantly, created a new, usable work space dedicated just for me. -Mathilde

Isn’t this such a stellar office space? I can’t decide if my favorite part is the credenza makeover or the painting. I have always loved her dining table come desk too! If you have been considering a standing desk or standing desk convertor, check out this selection. If you see something you like, here is a coupon for $15 off when you spend $150! Which part of the office is you favorite? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments section.

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  1. I love that you went looking for pieces around your own home first, that’s such a great idea! The idea of repurposing what you already have and giving it a new life really resonates with me. Well well done, it looks amazing!

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