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Hi, I’m Marie! Just over 3 years ago my husband, 3 month old son, & cat drove from Los Angeles to Seattle. We moved for my husband’s new job & thought a road trip was the perfect way to kick off the next chapter of life. Neither of us had ever lived outside of LA county. The move was an opportunity to live somewhere new and for me to stay home with the baby.

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We lived with my brother-in-law & his wife while we house hunted, procured a fixer upper home (1929 Tudor style that had lots of remodeling done in the 60s. Hello gold fleck popcorn ceiling!) and proceeded to renovate. Friends and family really stepped up when things took a turn for the worse. Dave, my hubby, did so much DIY on the house. Labor of love sounds so cliché, but that’s absolutely what it was/is.

I’ll be posting about completed, current and future renovation projects; reflecting on the past 3 years through the home we’ve created. And there will be some décor finds, smaller craft projects, gardening, and maybe a recipe or two. I have always loved, thrifting, yard sales, estate sales, swap meets, flea markets, you get the idea, so that will be a running theme! To me, finding second hand items is like a treasure hunt, and I love the sustainable aspect.

All of the decor in this photo was free or 2nd hand!

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading! Find me on Instagram! If you are interested in partnerships or advertising, please email me at

Not my best photo ha ha, but I like it because I’m out with my family having fun! And it kind of represents a lot of what I’m into. These roller skates were a present from when I was in the 8th grade! They were my wheels before I drove. I would skate from my house to the beach and then along a long boardwalk called the strand most days in summer. My husband gave me the embroidered top from a trip to Hungary. I love embroidery, handmade goods, and travel.

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  1. I loved this so much! It’s so fun getting to more about you! I already knew I loved your style, but it’s nice to learn your story! I grew up roller blading and think it’s so fun! Thrifting & estate sales are the BEST! And your embroidered shirt is beautiful. I feel like we could have a ton of fun thrifting & skating around 😂

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