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Best Things to See in Washington by Season

Best Things to See in Washington by Season

Living in Seattle is very convenient for exploring all that Washington has to offer. Each season, and almost each month brings something blooming to look forward to. Read along to learn the best things to see in Washington by season.

So I still have more to explore, but I have attempted to visit as many farms as I can. The places I list in this article are all in Western Washington simply because we started exploring close to Seattle and slowly branched out over the years. There are berry farms, flower farms, arboretums and more that I will share. Some spots are urban and within Seattle and others require a drive further out.

Growing up in Southern California, just outside Los Angeles, there were still strawberry fields and farm stands that I remember going to or just driving by. As I grew up the last vestiges of rural life slowly closed and made way for offices, housing etc. The close proximity to farm fresh produce reminds me of my childhood. I really hope Seattle and surrounds maintain the balance of development and agriculture and nature.


March – Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossom trees in front of beautiful building. Best Things to See in Washington by Season

It is really hard to pick a favorite on the list, but the cherry blossoms are such a sight for winter weary eyes!

In the Seattle area you can see cherry blossom trees simply by driving through certain neighborhoods.

For planning purposes, check out:

University of Washington – the trees are found in the Quad. Nearby University District hosts a Cherry Blossom Festival.

Washington Park Arboretum – walk along the iconic Azalea Way to view the cherry blossom trees. Speaking of azaleas, they bloom mid-March to May and are pretty impressive too.

Two more places that I have not visited, but have great reviews:

Seward Park

Jefferson Park

April – Daffodils & Tulips

Tulip field with purple tulips in Mt. Vernon Skagit Valley. Best Things to See in Washington by Season

After the cherry blossoms have drifted away, the next event to look forward to is the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

The Skagit Valley is a wonderful place to visit. We have been to the festival twice and each time we visited a different farm and different lunch spots.

Roozengarde– we went early April and saw both daffodils and tulips. There were varieties of daffodils I had never seen!

Tulip Town– the year we went had followed record rainfall and damage to many of the tulip bulbs. We still had fun, but the number of tulips in the fields was dramatically low.

Some people choose to visit multiple farms in one day. You can also stay nearby for a few days to explore different towns.

What else to see in Skagit Valley:

We had lunch in La Conner and walked around a bit. I would love to come back and stay for a few days.

If flowers and gardening are your jam, make sure to visit this nursery.

The drive to this small town is beautiful. Walk around to check out the quirky shops and delicious eateries.

May/June – Peonies

Peonies continue to bloom into early summer, but I list them under spring since that is the start of their growing season.

Bright pink peony in peony field

A friend told me about Pure Peonies, a small farm close to the Canadian border. It is a bit of a drive from Seattle, but we happened to have a getaway planned nearby in Bellingham. At the farm I bought a bucket full of stems and had so much fun making arrangements for friends.

If you ever have the chance to check out the area, try to squeeze these in:

Fairhaven– a historic town on the water with charming retailers.

Chuckanut Drive– a coastal scenic drive with some great spots for oysters along the way.

Bow-Edison– if you head south along Chuckanut Drive, you can easily get to Bow-Edison, an artsy small town surrounded by mudflats, mountains, and farms.


Oh summer! It really is my favorite season. The long days and warmth just make me so happy.

June/July – Strawberries

Woman and boy in strawberry field
My son and I with our strawberries in the field.

Another thing I love about summer is the fruit. Apricots, nectarines, plums, watermelons and strawberries!

One summer we picked strawberries at Bailey Farms. It is a really easy farm to navigate with kids in tow.

They also have a ton of other u-pick produce. Their website lists the other fruits and vegetables that are available.

July – Lavender

Basket of lavender sitting between rows of lavender plants

One day I would love to visit the lavender fields in Provence, France. Until then, the lavender farm on beatiful Whidby Island in Washington is pretty great.

There is a store with many lavender products, beautiful grounds to walk and the best part- cutting lavender for yourself. Well, that was a highlight for me. Walking the rows of flowers with a sweet basket in hand, searching for the perfect stems.

July/August – Blueberries

hand holding blueberry bush branch
My brother and his girlfriend pulling my son into the blueberry fields.

When my family comes to visit, I like to take them out to different farms. The last time my brother was in town it was too late for strawberries so I looked up what else might be in season.

Larsen Lake Blueberry Farm is just about 20 minutes from where we live in Seattle. Having never been myself, I didn’t know what to expect. The parking lot is very small and the surrounding area is very developed, so I didn’t have high hopes as we approached. However, upon walking up to check in I was pleasantly surprised. There is a log cabin with a porch swing, where flowers and produce are sold, small picnic area and restrooms. A large sign details interesting historical information about the previous farm owners.

The picking field is pretty close to the parking lot, but does continue on for a ways. The further you walk, the more you feel swept away from the busy road. Plenty of people use the perimeter trail for exercise; a reminder you that you are still surrounded by city life. One of the trails leads to a small idyllic lake and fishing is allowed. Overall it is a sweet location that I will definitely return to.


Autumn is my second favorite season! Since moving to the Pacific Northwest I have found so much to love about the season.

Let me share a few of my favorite spots.

September -Apples

Apple orchard Washington

One of the easiest, comforting desserts I know is made with apples.There is nothing like cooking or baking with produce you picked yourself.

Swans Trail Farm has been our go to pumpkin patch for the last two years. One year we went at just the right time when apples were available to pick and all of the pumpkin patch festivities were available.

October – Pumpkins

Pumpkin patch
Picked pumpkins waiting to go home.

Swan Trail Farm– apple picking and pumpkin patch with fun activities for kids. The cider donuts are definitely worth the drive from Seattle ha ha. They have strawberry picking, but we’ve never tried.

Bob’s Corn and Pumpkin Farm– there is so much to see and do. It feels like the Disneyland version of a pumpkin patch. There is a ton to do and eat.

Remlinger Farms– we went once for a field trip and had a great time. We want to return to experience the farm outside of the tour. The website lists fruit picking is available too.

November/December – Christmas Trees

What is in season come November or December? Why Christmas trees of course!

Christmas tree farm and red barn
Our first visit to a Christmas tree farm with charming red barn.

My husband and I both had fantasies of going to chop our own Christmas tree down. My version included my cute red plaid coat and thermos of hot cocoa.

So when I saw that there is a u-cut farm about 20 minutes away, we headed out one year on Black Friday. It was during pandemic and everyone else seemed to have the same idea we did. There was a line to get into the lot. It was unseasonably warm and I ended up taking off the red wool coat. But it was still picturesque as you can see above. It was fun to pick our perfect tree and to watch hubby saw it down.

For more Christmas tree farm ideas, see this article. It lists Trinity Farms which we tried and liked. Bonus- they had a great coffee bar.

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