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DIY Dried Lavender Sachet

DIY dried lavender sachet

For the last few years our lavender has been growing in nice and full. This last summer we cut back the bushes and I saved a ton to dry. Keep reading to see how I made DIY dried lavender sachets.

A couple years ago we planted rows of lavender one either side of the walkway that goes from the front to the side yard.

This past summer the bushes were finally large enough to save some of the stems.

Cutting the stems was a nice way to get out in the evening and enjoy the summer twilight.

We ended up composting some of what we cut simply because our drying space is limited.

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Make sachets

Cut lavender stems.

woman cutting lavender

Cut the stems as low as possible without getting into the fresh green. This is definitely the most difficult task!

Create small bouquets by tying twine around the stems.

supplies to make lavender bouquet

In a few years we might have longer stems, but for now we have petite bouquets.

Bouquets ready to dry!

small bouquets of lavender

These hang in my kitchen from a chandelier in my breakfast nook.

I let the lavender dry for there two months

Prep sachet filling.

DIY dried lavender sachet

Fill a bowl with some white rice and cut the dried lavender to blend in.

Fill a sachet bag with contents.

making homemade lavender sachet

To make this DIY extra easy I bought small cotton bags from Michael’s. They are in the wedding reception aisle along side other supplies for favors.

Gift give your homemade sachets!

lavender sachets on gift box

Sachets make great gift tie-ons. Pair them with other little treasures like bells, dried oranges, ornaments, sprigs of rosemary and more.

Other uses for dried lavender.

Display in a vase.

dried lavender in vintage silver

Make a dried flower wreath.

dried lavender wreath

This wreath is lovely for winter and spring.

A homemade scrub is another great way to use dried lavender.

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how to make dried lavender sachets

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18 thoughts on “DIY Dried Lavender Sachet”

  1. These are super cute and would be a great gift for anyone. I have lots of lavender in flower at the moment and recently made some lavender simple syrup which I drink with bubbly water. You won’t believe how good this is, especially if you add some lemon juice.

  2. Lavender is so lovely and I love all of your ideas on how to use it in your home! Those sachets would be wonderful on holiday packages! Thanks for the inspiration! Pinning now!

  3. Marie, I loved these dried lavender sachets and have chosen as a feature on Whimsy Home Wednesday! I am so excited to share your how to. I have had this project on my list of need to do, but had not gotten around to it. Thank you for sharing, it has pushed me to complete this project soon!

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