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Fall Small Porch Decor

Fall decor on a small porch

Do you have a small porch? Small porches can be more tricky to decorate than big, sprawling porches. Awkward angles, steps, and doors can make for cramped layout. Scope out my fall small porch decor for inspiration!

I’ve shared our porch before.

There isn’t much to it. The door is to the left and there is a small covering above.

One day I would love a porch big enough for a swing! Or some other seating and space to take off muddy boots.

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Porch before fall decor.

Small porch with planters

This view is what you see as you come up the stairs.

To prevent blocking the walking path, most decorations have to be up against the railing.

I did a quick sweep and rinsed of soil clumps. Then I got to pulling out all the fun fall decor items.

Pumpkins, gourds and grasses.

Small porch with fall decor

This year when we visited our favorite pumpkin patch they were selling corn stalks for $1!!

I really wanted to buy some to use on the porch and around the yard, but we had my family in tow and there just wasn’t enough room for all of us plus the stalks. I’ll plan for corn stalks next year!

I did manage to squeeze in some pumpkins and small gourds though.

Walking around the local nursery I saw all of the grasses were on sale for end of the season clearance.

The height of the grass above gives the same effect as a corn stalk!

I didn’t end up using those small gourds outside, but next year I’d like to incorporate them in a different way.

If you have stairs that lead up to your porch, try placing pumpkins and gourds on each step along the railing.

Incorporate existing plants.

White pumpkin on planter

Don’t toss out existing plants. Just like in nature, summer plants can coexist with fall plants. I love to see pumpkins growing alongside dahlias; it shows a transition of seasons.

The thyme in the white planter and clematis on the railing are still healthy and work with the color palette of the new plants I added.

Variety of planters.

Fall Small Porch Decor

No need to stick to all terra cotta, wood, or glazed ceramic pots when planting.

Use different pots to achieve a collected look. The white ceramic planter is heavy to move, so I keep it on the porch all four seasons. The only planter I added for the autumn season is the wood bushel bucket.

The wood bushel bucket planters also look charming around our newly stained pergola!

Vary the textures.

Fall Small Porch Decor

If you have a covered porch, add an old scarf or blanket over a table to add layers and texture. I linked some great options above. Just click on the images to shop. I tried to pick several styles like plaid, Pendleton-ish, neutral and minimal, and floral.

The grape vine pumpkin also adds some texture variation while maintaining the organic look.

Adorn your door.

Small front porch decor. Hanging basket with dried flowers

Even if you have no porch at all, you can still get in the spirit of the season and decorate your door!

Opt for wreaths featuring autumn leaves, pinecones, and acorns. For a personal touch, you can even craft your own wreath using natural materials like grapevines and burlap, or faux pumpkins and leaves.

A small hanging basket filled with dried or fake flowers is an easy way to make your entry more festive.

Our front door isn’t very visible from the street, so the decorations are really just for us, our guests, and you our readers!.

You don’t need a sprawling porch to embrace the beauty of autumn. With these small porch fall decor ideas, you can transform even the tiniest outdoor space into a welcoming and cozy retreat for the season. Whether you choose to focus on pumpkins, wreaths, seating, lanterns, or harvest-themed decor, the key is to infuse your unique style and personality into the design. By doing so, you’ll create a small porch that not only celebrates fall but also makes your home feel warm and inviting to all who visit. So, grab your decorating essentials and start turning your small porch into a charming fall haven today!

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Gourds and plants for fall porch decor

For more outdoor inspiration read how I updated our potting table.

Love this wreath for Halloween.

These cupcakes are perfect for a classroom treat or party dessert.

Shop for fall small porch decor.

Click on images below to shop. Some of my finds are older or from thrift shops, so I linked items that achieve the same feel.

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  1. Your porch look so good! I love the colors and interesting shaped pumpkins and gourds you used! The orange in your blanket and mums is perfect for Fall! I hope you’re enjoying the season!

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