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How To Make A Rustic Cake Stand Platter Out Of Wood And 3 Ways To Use It

An accident earlier this year left us with a lot of material for projects like this DIY cake stand. Are you thinking this photo is not of a cake on a stand? It’s true. Read on to see more!

If you follow me over on Instagram, you may have seen in my stories that a huge branch from our tree fell during a snow storm and landed in our yard, but mostly in our sweet neighbor’s yard. We ended up saving a lot of the branch for fire wood and I snagged some pieces for projects.

My son standing on our smashed fence, checking out the damage.

I am part of a blogger group that does monthly DIY challenges and each month Sydney of Sydney and Co comes up with a fun idea. For the month of April, we were challenged to create a handmade gift item. I knew I wanted to make something for Mother’s Day, whether it would be a gift or decor item, I wasn’t sure. The date crept up on me and I panicked! My friend Adam stopped by and I was telling him about my challenge and with just one sentence he inspired me to make a cake stand from my wood scraps! As we were talking I realized it would be useful as more than a cake stand though!

Thanks for reading along. Hope you enjoy the tutorial and all the rest!

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Step 1: Gather materials.

If you don’t happen to have any tree stumps or branches laying around to cut, I linked pieces that are already cut and ready to use. This would save you on some of the tool costs too!

Step 2: Measure a log to cut feet for the stand.

Step 3: Draw your cut line.

Step 4: Use a handheld sawzall to make your cuts.

Step 5: Measure and mark placement of the feet.

Step 6: Double check the placement of the feet.

Step 7: Attach the feet to the cake stand top.

Ta da!

Full disclosure- I did not make this cake. I bought it from Trader Joe’s. I love their desserts in a pinch. When I got it home, I realized it was almost comically small for the wood cake stand. I decided to use a vintage pink stand I have for a layered look. If you are using found wood like I did you will want to make sure to use a food safe wood sealer (I linked one in the step one materials section) if you intend to set food directly on top of the wood. If you purchase wood slabs from a craft store, read to see if it is food safe.

This would make a nice gift for a mom who appreciates a hand made, organic, rustic vibe. My husband’s family loves a charcuterie cheese board. They inspired me to create this scene. At any family gathering there is sure to be some variation of cheese, cured meat, olives, nuts, dips and a fruit like apples. Everyone snacks on this spread while cooking and catching up. When my husband and I were B.C. (my phrase for the time “Before Child” lol) he would grill bratwurst and we would make a charcuterie cheese board and eat just that for dinner. Simpler times sigh.

It could also be used as a plant stand. We live in Washington surrounded by evergreens. It feels very woodsy and this sort of rustic look fits right in. To prevent mold from forming, use a spray sealer to protect the wood. I didn’t link one because I haven’t found one I was super happy with. On to some other ideas.

Get the look without the DIY!

Other gift ideas

When I was pregnant with my son a doctor recommended a neck massager and foot massager to keep circulation moving. Anyone who sits at a desk all day or has aches, will appreciate this. Of course it’s best to follow product guidelines and physician’s guidance. I love to use my neck massager before bed; its a nice 20 minute wind down. The watermelon mask is meant to be worn all night and smells yummy. The pajamas are available in petite sizes and have pockets! A foot cream, a hand cream and a silk pillow to round out the relaxation.

If you are shopping for someone who cooks a ton, kitchen staples are always a hit. We don’t live close enough to our moms anymore, so it’s not easy to pop over and rummage around to see what they need. Fortunately there are siblings nearby that we can ask for ideas and kitchen supplies are often on the list.

Thank You!

Thanks so much for reading. Pin the image below to save for future ๐Ÿ™‚ What else would you make with all the extra wood?? Let me know in the comments!

Before you go…

Does your family have any Mother’s Day traditions? When we lived in California the weather was always warm enough to barbeque and make refreshing margaritas. This recipe from Michelle at Thistlekey Lane is a fun twist on a classic.

Do you need more gift ideas? Danielle from Faith and Farmhouse created such a comprehensive gift guide. There really is something for everyone!

Carol from Living A Real Life created a coffee sugar body scrub and packaged it so cute. It would be great as a Mother’s Day gift or as favors for a bridal shower!

A budget-friendly and super sentimental homemade project I did earlier this year.

Looking for a personalized gift? KariAnne from Thistlewood Farm found a ton of sweet and sentimental items.

And of course make sure to visit the others who participated in the April DIY Challenge!

47 thoughts on “How To Make A Rustic Cake Stand Platter Out Of Wood And 3 Ways To Use It”

  1. What a great idea to keep all that wood from the fallen tree! I love that your DIY cake stand can be used in so many other ways too – so versatile!

  2. kim@shiplapandshells

    What a creative idea Marie. I love that you took a bad experience and made it positive and beautiful. Great job!

  3. Denise/My Home of All Seasons

    I absolutely love this!!! It’s pretty no matter how you use it but we do a lot of charcuterie cheese boards when we entertain so this would be perfect. I’m just not sure I trust myself with any kind of saw. I’m known to be a terrible klutz! But I am pinning this in case I get up the nerve. Thanks for the great tutorial and have a wonderful week.

  4. This is such a great idea and what a fabulous gift to give as well. Honestly, you could use this throughout the year and for so many different occasions. I love it! Hope your Mother’s Day is a special one. Hugs, CoCo

  5. Great idea! I may have to find some downed trees, cut a few slices and make a cake stand while we are in Montana this summer. We’ll have 3 birthdays to celebrate in our family while we’re there!

  6. Love that you used the wood from the tree and saved it too! You can use it for many projects. Love the cake stand. I enjoy mixing rustic and elegant touches together.

  7. Love this stand and that it has bits of moss still on it! To me, it looks both rustic and refined with all the pretty flowers. This is one of my fav looks for a home. Thanks for sharing it and all your creative posts at FWF link party.

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