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How to Stay More Organized

how to stay more organized

From paperwork to toys, clutter builds up so quickly around our house! Here are some suggestions for how to stay more organized and declutter.

Over the years, I’ve realized that I need systems to stay organized. I analyze my habits, like where I set my purse when I come in, where I tend to sort my mail. Then I try to create a system that works with my habits. It won’t make sense to invest in an elaborate closet organizer, mail sorter, or say a shelf unit if you never use it.

So here are some small things that have worked for me. They may not work for you, but they might inspire you to find the system that does the trick.

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Use magazine holders for more than magazines.

how to stay more organized

I definitely use these for magazines, but recently I started to use one for my son’s art. He brings sooo many papers home from school. I tried to store his work in a drawer, but it was too easy for me to throw things in and forget.

The drawer started to overflow and it was almost impossible to open or close without fighting the pile.

With a magazine holder I have finite space, which forces me to purge more frequently.

Each week, I sort out the items in his folder. Some things get recycled (sorry honey!), some are hung on our bulletin board or in my son’s room, and the rest go in the magazine holder.

From time to time I pull pictures to send to family and friends.

Don’t forget the awkward spaces.

How to stay more organized.

Do you have space above your kitchen cabinets? Or on top of a wardrobe? Under the bed? Make use of cute baskets, vintage suitcases and more to hide seasonal items and items not used daily like, mementos.

If you have time and funds, it might be worth while to add cabinetry above the existing. But in the interim, boxes and baskets can do the trick.

Have fun with storage options!

how to stay more organized

The Lego shape containers seen above are the epitome of fun! My son loves to stack them and make up different games with them. Unfortunately, I checked the price on these recently and the cost has gone up! Supply chain issues?

Finding fun baskets and other containers might actually inspire kiddos to clean up….no guarantees though!

Repurpose objects.

repurposed candle container

I always feel so bad to throw away a pretty candle holder once the wax is done. If you like the container of a candle, freeze it to harden the wax, then chip it out with a butter knife. Just be careful not to break the holder. You may want to wear gloves; I have had some jars break when poking at the wax.

The container above is from an Anthropologie candle. I’m so glad it didn’t break because the color of the glass and lid are so pretty.

I use one these in each bathroom to store cotton balls. Q-tips are stored in other old candle holders.

Can you think of something you have that would serve a purpose beyond it’s original intent?

Add a shelf with hooks to an empty wall space.

shelf with hooks

This little landing is off the kitchen, heading to the backdoor and basement stairs. There isn’t a ton of floor space, so going vertical is the best option.

The hooks are prefect to hang jackets and hats as we come in from the backyard.

My husband made this shelf out of scrap wood we had around. The hooks were in another spot in our house when we moved in. I used Rub n’ Buff after cleaning them and before adding to the shelf.

Try hanging a basket from a hook to hold gloves or other small items.

Organizing your home doesn’t have to be expensive or overwhelming. Look for supplies you already have and think about starting room by room or even section by section.

If you are hunting for new materials to help you stay more organized, I’ve rounded up items similar to ones that I have and love.

Shop storage items.

Thanks for reading! Hope to “see” you again soon.

22 thoughts on “How to Stay More Organized”

  1. Love the idea of using magazine holders. Very smart to analyze your habits and create organization tactics around them! I’m going to give that a try.

  2. All great ideas, Marie! Thanks for sharing. I remember the days of countless pieces of art coming home from school. Before we moved to Canada, I took a few days and took photos of every single one and then threw it all away. Luckily the kids were already older and not attached to any of it. It was a freeing experience!

  3. Great ideas! I love to round storage boxes. I wanted to call them hat boxes, but that would make we seem really old. 😉 I hope to stay on top of my organizations systems this year. Fingers crossed. xo

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