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Inside The Homes of Artists

Need some interior design inspiration? Looking for gift ideas that support small businesses? This roundup of artists’ homes and work is sure to get you brainstorming about your own space and gift giving.

When I started my home renovation/decor Instagram account, I didn’t realize that I would make “insta friends” or connect with so many vintage sellers or working artists. During the start of the global pandemic and stay home orders, I was in major nesting mode. The mister and I were cranking on projects, I was arranging and re-arrranging almost daily, and I was I on the hunt for final touches like trinkets and art. Through my home account I have found some lovely artwork, made by talented women. They also happen to have very great style! Keep reading to see their work and their homes. At the end of the article I conveniently listed their social media links too!


First up in alphabetical order by first name because my first job was in a library and I respect the Dewy decimal system (ha ha nerdy library jokes), is, Angie. She is an artist as well as interior consultant. I believe I started to follow her after Britany Smith (next artist featured) shared her work. Her feed is full of modern traditionalist inspo from her own home, as well as others. Her pieces sell direct through Instagram, so be sure to follow! The first photo above is in her home and I love the worn in leather chair matched with the round vintage table.

Her home is a beautiful backdrop for her work. She gathers inspiration from sunset drives and even from her daughter’s virtual learning topics like cloud structures. The way she captures light is really stunning. Angie often frames her mixed media and oil pieces in vintage frames. See below for a bevy of creations in new and old frames, waiting to ship to their lucky owners.


Next up is Brittany, a painter who I started to follow after seeing one of her colorful floral paintings as part of an art giveaway. Taking her inspiration from nature, she works with color in such an impressive way. Her home is a blend of vintage and new and is the perfect backdrop to try out her work before shipping out to happy homes. After selling on Etsy, she has recently moved to a website of her own! You can find originals in beautiful vintage frames, prints and even gift cards! Follow her on Instagram to be in the know for new collection releases, sales and a glimpse into her home.

Brittany loved painting, drawing, and creating since childhood. On her website she says painting took a back seat to motherhood after her first child was born, but she eventually picked up her brushes again. Painting became a refuge; something positive to put her mind and hands to. She often paints in the afternoon at her kitchen table when she has a quiet moment to herself. When I look at her work I do feel a sense of calm and peacefulness.

Brittany creates lovely textures by using acrylic on French watercolor paper. Her landscapes and florals are complimentary to vintage rugs and worn wood. I love how she mixes styles in her home, like the matte black vase on her antique piano with the MCM chair.


My next feature is Elle. I first saw a photo of her home on Instagram and was swooning over her style! Her cottage is sprinkled with antiques, DIY projects like a painted faux area rug, and adorned with her art. Elle prefers to draw in ink because she feels there is more freedom of movement and she is able to better capture details. Watercolor adds an organic element that brings her drawings to life. You can find her work for sale on her site; abstract paintings, architectural studies, and unique busts. Make sure to follow her along on Instagram for new collection announcements and to see her latest home decor!

Elle created a studio space in an extra bedroom, but still enjoys sitting at their table to paint by the window.

Elle is very inspired by European architecture and it’s detail. She sees her art as a neutral that can fit in at her cottage, as well as any other style home. Look at this gallery wall and how she styled her barcart!


Esther is a fine artist specializing in oils, watercolors and line drawings. Her style is delicate and organic. I first saw her paintings of charming old homes and was smitten. Then I read that she creates calendars of said charming old homes and I had to pop over to her site. You can find other paper goods, in addition to her fine art, all for purchase. Make sure to follow her on Instagram where she announces important news like new collections and sales; you also might catch a home tour in her stories.

She lives in an adorable cottage that was built in 1913. Her fireplace is so sweet. Below is her olive green studio, complete with antique radiator-turned plant stand.

Esther loves reading, which inspires her paintings, like the painting below of Green Gables from Anne of Green Gables.


Kaelyn is a fiber artist who is interested in pursuing interior design studies. She was a recent participant in the Better Homes & Gardens One Room Challenge, where she remodeled a bathroom in her home to have a light and airy palette. The lightness and airiness definitely carry out in the rest of her home. Make sure to follow along to see what other projects she is working on next.

I love the mix of items on top of her cabinet and inside as well.

I learned she created the punch needle pieces and I instantly wanted to know more about her. Kaelyn also posts her amazing crochet and knitting projects on a separate account. Sometimes she lists her punch needle pieces for sale on Instagram and they move so fast!

These artists all live in different states here in the U.S. They all have different styles that I love. When I see photos of their work and their homes it all makes sense to me. Maybe that is easy to do when conversations are spoke through typed messages, and you can fill in blanks on your own. But something nice about Instagram is the ability to have that visual connection. When I see Brittany’s kitchen, or Elle’s yard, or Kaelyn’s dining room I can envision them working and being inspired by their surroundings.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed the artwork as well as the homes.

Where to find these fabulous artists






Note- all photos are from the individuals’ Instagram accounts

28 thoughts on “Inside The Homes of Artists”

  1. I’m constantly looking at other people’s rooms and putting them together in posts for some inspiration. Thanks for the great ideas x

  2. Not only are all these women super talented, but so are you! I love how beautifully you described each home, the artwork and the artists. Great writing and eye for detail. All the beautiful art makes me want to bust out my charcoal or finally start oil painting!

    1. Aw you’re the sweetest! Thank you Jessie 😊 Oh you so should. I would love to see your work. I know you are so busy right now though. Maybe after the built-ins are done & holidays pass 🎄

  3. So much talent in one place! I love what you have captured here. I just purchased a print from Elle! I am so excited to get it. Her architectural work is beyond beautiful! Thanks for sharing all this pretty!

    1. Thanks for reading Kim! Oh I am so happy you got one of her prints! Her Christmas collection this year was so charming. And yes, her architectural work is just as you said- beyond beautiful!

  4. cbernabucci806a02b465

    This is such a great way to showcase your favorite artists. I love the print work! Such beautiful gift ideas–would love to create a gallery wall with some of these.

  5. all of these homes are gorgeous! I love using art and its so hard to choose just one or two pieces! I love how many of these spaces utilize many art pieces without it feeling overwhelming

    1. I definitely have a hard time to scale down ☺️ I’ll have to have many gallery walls or swap out pictures sometimes. Yes, the way they all display their art is so inspiring! Thanks for reading!

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