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Last Minute Ideas For Hosting Easter

Last Minute Ideas For Hosting Easter

Easter really got away from me this year! I had grand plans for a brunch…that I will use next year ha ha! That doesn’t mean we won’t have a festive table. Read on to see my plan B: last minute ideas for hosting Easter.

I’m all about mix and match table settings. I have a ton of plates in different patterns that I rotate through. We also have a ton of glassware. So much in fact that my husband and I jokingly declared an embargo on glassware.

With mix and match plates, our everyday linens, an abundance of glassware, and other odds and ends, I put together our collected Easter table. If you are planning out your your table, I listed tips that may help your last minute endeavor.

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Shop around your house

Last Minute Ideas For Hosting Easter

Do you have a tray on your vanity or entry? It could be used to hold napkins and silverware for a buffet style meal.

Don’t be afraid to pull from other rooms in your house. Of course the items should be food safe; no chippy lead paint covered containers ya know? When in doubt, move along to something else. I always mix in some vintage items, like a serving bowl or cake stand.

Fresh flowers for your centerpiece

Last Minute Ideas For Hosting Easter

A pretty bunch of flowers in a vase, a pot of hydrangea, or a few small vases grouped together will add color and interest. Adding a small vase of flowers in the guest bath and other high traffic areas your guests will be in are nice touches too.

You can see I swapped out the vase of forsythia for a smaller vessel with daffodils perched on a stack of books. Which way do you prefer?

Don’t forget your porch

Front porch spring Easter decoration

We have a small front porch that I decorate with potted plants year round. I like to mix in colorful flowers depending on the season. The grocery store had great deals on daffodils so I picked up a few of them. And for Easter I bring out my one and only bunny statue. You can see some of the plants I used in this post.

The terra cotta bunny is no longer available at Target, but if you click on the images below you can shop some similar.

I linked a small gray rabbit planter that is the most similar size-wise, plus it is cool that it is a planter!

And maybe something new for you- the host/ess

Don’t you stand around and admire your branches too?

Not a requirement, but it is fun to get a new holiday dress. And you will save so much money using items you already have to decorate, wink wink.

Growing up did you get an Easter (or other spring holiday) outfit each year? I rarely do now, but it was a childhood tradition. My mom would buy me a new dress and sometimes a sun hat to match. We would go to mass and after we usually went to a family picnic in the park.

The dress above is no longer available, but I found some other pretty options below.

Some things for the little bunnies in your life

I purchased these blue pajamas for my kiddos and nephew. My kids live in their jammies. When my son was a toddler he would fight me to get dressed, so I started putting his “outside” clothes right over the pajamas. I think he was just cold and didn’t want to feel the cold as he undressed, which I get! I’m always cold.

I like to get casual t-shirts that my son can wear to school as well as an egg hunt. He fights me to wear a button down. My solution? I layer a button down over a t-shirt that he approves. This has a fifty fifty hit rate lol.

The brunch that got away…

About one month ago I started to think about Easter and I really wanted to do a pink and green theme. Here was my pink and green inspiration. If you like it too, pin the image below! Any of the items would work year-round. Even the bunny waffle maker would be fun for kids any time. And I could see the wooden bunnies in a nursery or displayed on a shelf of a bunny collector.

Last Minute Ideas For Hosting Easter

Thank You!

I appreciate your visit. Hope you found some inspiration and enjoyed your time in my casa.

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32 thoughts on “Last Minute Ideas For Hosting Easter”

  1. Marie, you’re spring touches are so pretty. What is that gorgeous pink flower on your front porch? Mixing and matching dishes and glasses is such a fun and cozy look. I bought myself an Easter dress this year … in a nod to my. childhood and all the new Easter dresses … and hats … that you mentioned. I remember always looking forward to that … along with ankle sock and white MaryJane’s … and gloves! Wishing you a Happy Easter. Your 2022 brunch will be amazing! xo

  2. I love this!! The one thing that stood out to me was the idea of getting something new for yourself. As a mom I’m always thinking about my littles. It’s not very often that I think about getting a new dress for myself for Easter! Thanks for the wonderful tips girl!!

  3. Easter did sort of sneak up on me too. You did a great turn around on your second table and the pretty pink and green for next year will look lovely πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing at the Friday with Friends link party.


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