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Late Spring Mantle Decor With Thrifted Finds

Late Spring Mantle Decor With Thrifted Finds

Late spring is a time of renewal, with flowers blooming and trees coming back to life after a long winter. As the weather warms up, many people start to think about spring cleaning and refreshing their homes. One way to add a touch of seasonal decor to your home is by decorating your fireplace mantle. My title “Late Spring Mantle Decor With Thrifted Finds” is a bit misleading because I also used some items from my yard and some repurposed items. Just wanted to add that caveat in case anyone notices ha ha!

The fireplace mantle is often the focal point of a room, and it provides the perfect opportunity to showcase your personal style and add some seasonal flair. Have you seen how our fireplace looked before we remodeled it? It is pretty wild to see the difference!

Now that we have a mantle I am always changing up the look. Keep reading to see the latest version!

Late Spring Mantle Decor With Thrifted Finds

With the right decor, you can transform your mantle into a stunning display that captures the essence of late spring. When decorating your mantle for late spring, think about incorporating natural elements such as flowers, greenery, and branches. These elements bring a fresh and organic feel to your decor, and they perfectly capture the spirit of the season.

We have left over wallpaper from the wallpaper mural we hung a few years ago, and I’ve been wanting to frame a section of it. You can see part of the mural below. I finally framed some scraps and used that as a jumping off point for the late spring mantle theme! As an alternate to my DIY art, I would love to hang Samsung’s The Frame Smart TV over our mantle.

Mural wallpaper in living room

One way to incorporate natural elements into your mantle is by using a floral centerpiece. Choose a large vase or container and fill it with fresh flowers such as tulips, daffodils, or peonies. You can also add in some greenery or branches to add height and texture to your display. Or use a group of smaller vessels that you can sprinkle along the length of the mantle like I did here.

What I used to decorate my mantle for late spring:

All of the items I used are second hand in some way. If you don’t have time to scour thrift stores, yard sales etc, I’ve linked items similar to the ones I used. Just click on the bolded words to shop the links! We may make a small commission from the link sales at no additional cost to you. Feel free to read our privacy policy.

vintage books as decor. Antique glass insulator

To create a cohesive look, choose a color scheme that complements the natural elements on your mantle. For example, if you are using pink and white flowers, you may want to use a light blue or green color for your candle holders or other decorative elements.

I went with bits of blue and teal accents to pick up on the blues in the mural scraps.

The vintage books came from the little libraries in our neighborhood as well as thrift stores.

fireplace mantle decorated with thrifted finds

As I see my late spring mantle decorations together, I think this could easily work for late summer into autumn too.

In conclusion, decorating your fireplace mantle for late spring is a great way to refresh your home and bring a touch of seasonal decor into your space. By incorporating natural elements and decorative items that capture the essence of the season, you can create a stunning display that adds beauty and charm to your home.

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Late Spring Mantle Decor With Thrifted Finds

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  1. This is just lovely!! I adore that you used thrifted finds and vintage pieces like the books and insulators. You have created a beautiful display that can be displayed for many months. Thanks so much for sharing! Pinned!

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  3. This entire space looks so warm and inviting! I love all the cozy touches you’ve added to make it extra special and your mantel is beautiful. Thanks so much for including my book page post, I really appreciate it. Hope your week is filled with all good things, CoCo

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  8. Love the colors in the painting above your mantel, the textures, colors, and vintage finds just set the welcoming tone to your living room. Thank you for sharing with Whimsy Home Wednesday!

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