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Steps And Tips To Pot A Succulent Plant

Steps And Tips To Pot A Succulent Plant

Have you joined in on the houseplant craze? We have amassed a small collection. I especially love the versatility of succulents. They are pretty low maintenance. Read on for steps and tips to pot a succulent plant that I’ve learned over the years.

When we lived in southern California, succulents were our go-to plant. We took a class at a nursery called Theodore Payne, they specialize in drought tolerant and native plants. The class was about planting a container garden and succulents were heavily used. I went full tilt and planted a ton of succulents in containers. Our plants thrived, spilling over their pots and flowering in vibrant spurts.

Fast forward to moving to Seattle. When we started to settle into our house, I began to tackle the yard. The front yard had some redeeming qualities like the rosebushes and azaela, but it was very overgrown. The backyard was mostly just grass and two huge trees. For a taste of what we were working with check out how I created a planter bed in our backyard. Anywho, I was so surprised to learn that succulents did well here! My sister-in-law and friend gave me cuttings for our rockery and they do spectacular.

I was so happy to have some succulents to remind me of sunny SoCal. Of course the varieties are different, but they are succulents nonetheless. In addition to planting succulents outside, I started to buy some for the sunniest spots inside our home. I’ll share the potting tips that work best for me.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

Materials for potting plants.

Step 2: Place your filter at the bottom of the pot.

This will prevent soil loss, while still allowing for drainage. I use scraps of weed barrier fabric, but some use coffee filters.

Step 3: Fill your pot with soil and tamp down.

Terracotta pot

Eyeball the soil level. I place my plant in the pot to see how much more soil I need.

Step 4: Add water to soil.

Watering a potted plant

Have you ever potted a plant and when you wen to finally water it, it sank? Add some water then tamp down as you fill. This helps compress the soil and prevent that sinking.

Step 5: Place plant in new pot.

Potting tips for succulents

Carefully remove succulent from it’s pot and work into the new pot.

Step 6: Add a bit more water and soil.

Potting a plant.

Tamp down, add soil, and alternate these steps until you are about half a pinky tip from the top of the pot.

Step 7: Add your mulch

Steps And Tips To Pot A Succulent Plant

Layer mulch around the plant. This layer will help to retain moisture, and if your plant is outdoors, this prevents weeds from growing.

Step 8: Move your plant to it’s new space.

Steps And Tips To Pot A Succulent Plant

Read plant instructions to determine it’s light needs. When you first buy a succulent or any plant, it is a good idea to let it sit in it’s intended spot for about a week or two. This will help it to adjust to new conditions before introducing the shock of planting it.

Materials for Steps And Tips To Pot A Succulent Plant

A succulent of course! Most of your local nurseries, including big box stores, will have plants that do best for your zone. I like to visit the smaller nurseries in my area because the staff are so knowledgeable.

A new pot- I find terra cotta or ceramic to be the best, but any pot with drainage will do.

Filter material- I use scraps of leftover landscape weed barrier fabric, but even a coffee filter will do.

Soil– a mix made for cacti and succulents is best, but some people do a mix of their own.

Mulch– I usually use small pebbles. Wood mulch works well too, especially for outdoor planters.

Something to lay down to protect your surface– when potting indoors or on my porch, I lay down a large trash bag or cardboard for easy clean up.

Rags for clean up– I always keep a damp rag on hand.

Water– have a watering can on hand, or if you pot at your sink, you will be set.

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments if you love houseplants! If you need to reference this post, you can always pin for later!

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Steps And Tips To Pot A Succulent Plant

23 thoughts on “Steps And Tips To Pot A Succulent Plant”

  1. Marie – I’m challenged when it comes to house plants, but succulents might be something a little more within my ability! I appreciate the step by step guide. Love the pots and watering cans you featured. xo

    1. If you are new to succulents, be sure to get information at a garden center about indoor sucs. Some don’t do well indoors. As far as outdoors goes, there are some that love full sun, and others that need a bit of shade. Also depends on where you live.

  2. This is a great informative post. Thanks. Succulents are not something I’ve really grown. Maybe I should try but I don’t really have any display space and if I grow them outside they will probably rot due to the high level of moisture we get each year. I’m wondering whether they would grow on my kitchen windowsill – it gets lots of light but no sun.

    1. Thanks Carol! Hmm I’m not so sure about your climate. I did a quick search and it looks like some varieties can thrive there, like in Wellington. You may need to check a nursery in your area for recommendations. 😊

  3. Thanks for the information…I always have plants in the house but haven’t tried succulents. Will definitely give them a try! You make it look doable 🙂

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  7. This is amazing! I would love it if you would share it on the Fabulous Friday Link Party this Friday, and every Friday after that. You can find the link on my website. Hugs and blessings to you.

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