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5 Outdoor Projects To Try This Weekend

fire pit table with outdoor sofa and privacy screen behind. Replace

5 Outdoor Projects To Try This Weekend

If you are looking to get some outside work done, I have 5 outdoor projects to try this weekend!

Leaves are starting to turn, rains have started and the days are getting shorter. Over summer we did a ton of projects and still have some planned for fall. How about you?

1. Plant groundcover between step stones.

Paver step stones with pea gravel and ground cover in between.

Fall is the perfect time to divide or plant nursery plugs of groundcovers like Irish Moss.

However, I divided and re-planted ours in summer because we were working on the backyard for the One Room Challenge and part of the project called for moving the pavers and ground cover. You can check out the backyard reveal HERE and see the planting tutorial HERE.

For a secret garden cottage look, groundcovers between step stones couldn’t be more charming.

We have the basic square pavers you see above and the greenery really softens the angles, which I think is more fitting to our 1920s house.

2. Create a planter bed.

Planter bed lined with river rocks. Hydrangea and other plants. Replace 5 Outdoor Projects To Try This Weekend

Fall is a great time to create a new planter bed or prep an existing one for spring bulbs. This planter bed was one of the first projects I completed at our house.

Last year I planted tulip bulbs and two types of alliums. Are you thinking of planting any bulbs this year?

DIY living gallery wall. Up-cycle planter.
Replace 5 Outdoor Projects To Try This Weekend

This up-cycle project is a fun way to give new purpose to something you have laying around. This tutorial shows what I found at a thrift shop and how I made it into a planter.

4. Make an espalier trellis for your fence.

wire espalier trellis. 5 outdoor projects to try this weekend.

If you’ve been around the last few weeks, you’ve seen me share this trellis project a ton! When I posted the tutorial HERE many people were worried about the damage it could do to a fence. Luckily the fence is doing just fine. In this article I cover many questions you might consider before you try to make an espalier trellis.

Depending on your gardening zone, some vines are perfect to plant in fall. In my area of the Pacific Northwest trumpet vines, grape vines and figs can be planted in fall. Check your area to see what is recommended.

5. Try a DIY privacy screen.

fire pit table with diy privacy screen behind outdoor sofa.  5 Outdoor Projects To Try This Weekend

We did this project over summer, but it provides a great back drop for fall and winter gatherings too! This post shows the tutorial and how we went from salvage picket fence to privacy screen.

I want to add some twinkle lights to the screen too! Maybe I’ll have to do a winter styling shoot….

Some of our favorite gardening gear.

Click on the images below to shop!

The tool with the wooden handle makes weeding so easy and saves your back!

I love weed barrier fabric to line planter beds and the insides of pots too.

Since our pine and cedar are constantly dropping needles, we use this leaf blower for quick patio clean ups.

Pin these 5 Outdoor Projects To Try This Weekend to save for later!

Outdoor space with lit fire pit

5 Outdoor Projects To Try This Weekend

Hope all of the 5 Outdoor Projects To Try This Weekend are inspiring and helpful. Thanks for visiting. Hope you return to our casa soon!

And here is one for the road from my friend Melba. She transformed her yard into an amazing colorful garden.

5 Outdoor Projects To Try This Weekend

22 thoughts on “5 Outdoor Projects To Try This Weekend”

  1. These ideas are all amazing and perfect for this time of year too! We almost always save bigger projects for the Fall because it’s so much cooler. I can’t wait to add these to our list. Hugs, CoCo

  2. Great ideas, Marie. I love ground cover between stepping stones and I’m such a huge fan of your trellising project. You’re a lot more productive on weekends than I am! xo

  3. What fabulous projects Marie! I love your outdoor sitting area – it is so wonderful and I love your color scheme!

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  8. Thank you for sharing your tips with us. I would love to try my hand at a privacy wall to give us a bit more privacy in our backyard. I love the ground cover, but my two black thumbs couldn’t grow what I planted last year from seeds, darn it! You have some wonderful ideas.

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