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How To Make A DIY Privacy Screen From Salvaged Fence Pickets

Have you ever thought “what can I make with an old picket fence?” Read on to see how we made a privacy screen with a reclaimed wood fence.

I didn’t start this project thinking how I could repurpose an old picket fence. I wanted a privacy screen for our small front yard patio that would eventually be transformed into a trellis screen to block a huge rain water capture tank we have. When I thought up the idea, lumber prices had sky rocketed and I did not want to buy new, crazy expensive wood!

Necessity (ahem, cheapness ha ha) is the mother of invention!

So I started to look around on Nextdoor and Facebook Marketplace. I was looking for something already made or something that I could repurpose. I found a free listing for some very unique fence panels. I hesitated, thinking how will I get these huge panels home, how can the panels be fashioned into a screen, and how will my husband kill me for adding another project to his list!

By the time I thought of transportation, came up with a concept and got over hubby’s possible reactions, I missed out! I was kicking myself for a few days. Then I saw a listing for salvaged fence pickets. The location was closer than the listing I lost out on and the fence was deconstructed and therefore easier for me to pick up on my own and easier to fit in our car. I messaged the seller right away and got them!

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Deconstructed picket fence awaiting it’s glow up.

Deconstructed picket fence on ground with tools.

With the pickets already deconstructed, it was easier to envision how the privacy screen would come together. With a quick sketch shared with my husband, he understood the concept and got the materials together.

Our DIY privacy screen doubles as a plant hanger!

Steps to make your DIY privacy screen

  1. Lay out the pickets or other salvaged wood pieces to determine spacing.
  2. Cut pickets or other salvaged wood to desired length using a circular saw. The pickets I purchased were 5 ft and I left them as-is. I wanted them horizontal to make for easy hanging of decorations.
  3. Build base that consists of one horizontal 2×4 cut to 4 foot 6 inches screwed to two perpendicular 2×4’s cut to 42 inches.
  4. Screw two vertical 2×4’s that each measure 6 foot 4 inches to the base.
  5. Screw a 2×4 cut to 4 feet 6 inches along the top to connect the two vertical pieces.
  6. Using brad nails and nail gun, secure the pickets to the frame of 2×4’s. When we were laying out the pickets to visualize the screen, we forgot to take into account the height of the wood frame base. To compensate, my DIY guy started to attach the pickets at the top. This left a larger gap at the bottom, which we were fine with since furniture will cover the bottom.

Note: lightly sand all pieces. I like the shabbiness of the pickets I bought, so I left them alone. Always use caution and wear a proper mask and PPE when sanding or cutting old painted wood.

Man holding circular saw and cutting 2x4.
Man holding 2x4's to make diy privacy screen.
Man using nail gun to make diy privacy screen.

Privacy screen diagram

Diagram of DIY privacy screen parts.

Cut list

KeyQuantityPartCut fromLength
12Top of Frame2×44′ 6″
22Bottom of frame2×44′ 6″
42Vertical sides2×46′ 4″


  • 3″ gripe tite screws
  • 2″ 16 gauge brad or finishing nails
  • Nail gun and compressor
  • Drill
  • Circular saw
  • Sander
  • 15 salvaged fence pickets
  • 4 2×4’s

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DIY privacy screen with planters hanging on it. Outdoor sofa in front of screen and fire pit table lit.

Get the look without the DIY!

Thanks for reading!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I appreciate your visit to our casa.

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How To Make A DIY Privacy Screen From Salvaged Fence Pickets

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  1. I love it! I’ve been struggling to come up with privacy screen ideas (I need a few in our garden) but now this has given me some ideas. I’m going to be trawling through the eBay small ads to see if I can get something second-hand in our area. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

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