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Small Patio Decorating Ideas

Small patio table with flower arrangement and drinkware. Small Patio Decorating Ideas

We’ve done a ton of work on our front yard in the last few years. It’s gone from uninviting, unusable, unremarkable and so many other “un” words. Keep reading to see the latest transformation and see my small patio decorating ideas!

If you’ve been around here for a while, you may have seen our Rockery Wall Transformation, but that is only a fraction of what we have done! We have worked on our backyard and side yard too. So many posts to write, so little time!

I couldn’t locate a true before photo. This picture below is from a couple years back when the large rock wall was re-done and concrete on garage just poured, but before we created the walking path of step stones and finished planting. When we first moved in there were rock spray shrubs blocking access to the top of the garage and the path to get there was sloped and dangerous.


Small Patio before

Our front yard is all slope with a small flat area on top of our garage that we can use as a sitting space. Quite a few of the older homes in the area have similar garage set ups, where the garage sits in front of the house, with a flat roof line.

Walking around the neighborhood we noticed that many people built pergolas on top and made them into a small patio. When we first moved in, we were so far from that stage! The garage leaked and the top was cracked, and the interior of the house needed so much attention. We continued to address the long list of projects and like a game of wack a mole, more pressing projects popped up.

Now, finally I can share our front patio and some small patio decorating ideas!

Here are some easy Small Patio Decorating Ideas and tips.

1. Create a focal point that draws the eye up.

Building a DIY privacy screen from salvaged fence posts. Small Patio Decorating Ideas
Select a focal point for your patio, such as a piece of artwork, a statement plant or a unique piece of furniture.

I found some old fence pickets on the Nextdoor app and my DIY dude (my husband) built a privacy screen. It helps to define the space, draw the eye up, and provide a bit of privacy.

You can see the tutorial for the screen HERE.

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2. Pick furniture to fit your space and intended use.

Small patio furniture placement with DIY privacy screen.

Make your small patio feel like an extension of your home by creating a comfortable seating area.

Before we got these Adirondack chairs I had a bistro set from our previous house. It is very cute, but not super comfortable and the scale was a bit awkward. We wanted the space to be more for lounging, watching our little guy play, eat popsicles and the like.

Now that we have these chairs we sit out here way more. I pulled in an IKEA table that we used at our former house and a Target plant stand too.

3. Choose accessories to set the mood.

Boho style patio accessories- macrame wall hanging, print pillow, lantern, rug, and embroidered ethnic table runner. Small Patio Decorating Ideas
Small patio accessories.

Mix and match different textures and patterns to add interest and depth to your patio decor.

With main furniture pieces picked out and identifying how we want to use the small patio, I pulled accessories we already had. The only things I bought were the pillows.

Since this patio is at the front of the house and close to the street I chose black for the primary color to hide dirt and fun bright accents for a little flair.

Hanging a macrame piece adds another layer for privacy without looking too heavy.

4. Add plants.

Small patio table with wildflower arrangement in vase, rattan tray and drinkware, pink embroidered table runner, and potted plants. Small Patio Decorating Ideas

Adding greenery and flowers to your patio can make it feel more inviting and serene.

Potted plants or a small arrangement in a vase will soften hard lines of furniture and add color. I picked the flowers in the vase from our yard for a budget friendly bouquet.

If choosing potted plants, make sure to pick plants whose light requirements will match the sunlight received on your patio.

Not only will the plants act as an accessory, houseplants can increase your home value too.

5. Add lighting.

Adriondack chair with black boho pillow. Neutral macrame tapestry hanging on privacy screen. Gold lantern sitting on black rug. Flower arrangement on table. Small Patio Decorating Ideas
Small patio complete!

Adding outdoor lighting can make your patio feel more magical and intimate. We don’t have electrical set up here for string lights or landscape lighting. However, lanterns fill in just fine!

This spot is nice and shady in the afternoon. It is perfect for a happy hour, popsicle, family hang out!

6. Add a rug.

Brown wood adriondack chair with classic navy and white throw pillow. Privacy screen with patriotic lanterns. Pitcher and drinks on table. Small Patio Decorating Ideas

A rug can add color and texture to your patio while also making it feel cozier.

For the Fourth of July I swapped accessories for a festive look. I opted for a more traditional rug; a blue square to compliment the classic stars and stripes.

7. Keep it organized.

Patriotic patio decor.

Even small patios can feel cluttered if they’re not organized. Keep furniture streamlined and accessories minimal.

Use storage solutions such as shelves, baskets or outdoor cabinets to keep things tidy.

Pin the “after” for later!

Small Patio Decorating Ideas

Small patio with brown wood adriondack chairs. Black throw pillows on chairs. Neutral macrame wall covering on privacy screen. Pink embroidered table runner. Small Patio Decorating Ideas

Updating a small patio soon? Doing a midsummer patio refresh? Pin this for inspiration! Thanks so much for reading! Hope you visit our casa again soon 🙂

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Shopping for a Boho Small Patio Refresh…

Just click on photos below to shop! Some are exactly what I have, and others are similar cute finds!

…and Classic Small Patio Ideas

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  1. Your privacy screen is brilliant! I love how you used the white drapery fabric over it to give a romantic look to it. Then with your 4th of July decor it’s just perfect! Great job!


    1. Hi Cindy! Thank you so much! Oh I remember you had a post with a very cool picket project! Maybe we need to organize a picket based hop or something!! I wish that day hadn’t been so hot & that I documented the process better. I may have to recreate it ☺️

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  10. Do you know how refreshing it is to hear that you had quite a list of things to do on your new home? Some days I feel like we are the only ones, we are still working on that list, it seems never ending without an end in sight! Love your space.

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