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DIY Side Yard Walkway Pergola

DIY side yard walkway pergola

This DIY side yard walkway pergola has been on our to-do list since we moved in several years ago. Our outdoor space really feels more complete and I am so excited to share with you!

Last year I was honored to partner with The Home Depot to transform this walkway from a blah space, overcrowded with drooping roses, into a more inviting space with wow factor! It was a super duper cool experience! Now I’m sharing more of the backstory as well as the tutorial.

When we started the project I was very pregnant, then baby came early and we hadn’t finished! We were mostly done, but there was about 5% left. Plus, whenever we worked on the pergola it was raining. This wasn’t the normal Seattle drizzle, it was wild storm systems. There were a series of storms called ‘bomb cyclones’ that brought record-breaking floods. Drama of some sort always finds it’s way into our projects!

Anyway, let’s chat about the pergola.

Before photo of side yard and walkway

As you walk up our front stairs, the first thing you see is the pergola.

Not only would I like the path to be more clear, I would also like it to be a magical experience. I imagine that the former matriarch of the house chose these roses and would like to continue her legacy by making the roses a feature rather than a nuisance you have to fight to make your way to the back yard.

When we purchased our 1929 Tudor Revival home, the same family had lived in the residence since the 1960s. There was much work to be done, such as replacing knob and tube wiring, decaying cast iron plumbing, and more. In the last couple years we have turned more attention to the exterior.

The previous family had about a dozen rose bushes in different areas. We transplanted some to replace the bushes seen in the above photo, creating a sort of a rose alley.

Next step to improving this area? Build the pergola!

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Gather materials.

DIY Side Yard Walkway Pergola materials

Not shown here, but later in the article are Loctite glue and Fence post supports.

Wood List

DIY Side Yard Walkway Pergola
1 3 Vertical4x4x8 post
26 Horizontal2x6x12 post
32 Horizontal2x4x12 post
412 Covers vertical posts1x4x8 cedar

Measure and check level.

DIY Side Yard Walkway Pergola check level

Measure the spacing of the posts and check that heights are level. You will do this throughout the project to ensure level heights.

Drive post support into the ground.

drive post support in ground

Set posts into post supports.

set posts into post supports

Tamp posts into post supports.

tamp posts into post supports

Secure screws into post supports.

DIY Side Yard Walkway Pergola

Screw joist hanger to building.

screw joist hanger to building

If you are building a free standing pergola, this step won’t be necessary. Since our pergola is designed to attach to our house, we used joist hangers to hold the 2×6’s that stretch over the walkway and connect to the posts.

Use structural wood screws to connect 2×4’s to posts.

screwing posts together

Mill cedar fence posts to create facing around the posts.

saw wood for pergola

For a more finished look, we used cedar fence posts to cover the 4×4’s.

Apply Loctite glue to cedar boards.

glue cedar boards for pergola

Attach cedar to 4×4 posts.

glue cedar boards to pergola posts

Press glue to stick cedar boards to the 4×4.

Use 16-gauge nail gun to attach cedar facing.

DIY Side Yard Walkway Pergola

Once, the four sides of cedar boards are attached to the 4×4, nail them in place.

Note- the 2×4 boards were cut at a 45 degree angle.

Then you are done!

Pergola walkway in spring

We still want to stain our pergola. As I type this, I wonder if it would have been easier to stain the wood before building…

On Instagram I have a video walking under the pergola during Christmas season. And I shared some of the in-process footage too.

And the tutorial is on the Home Depot site! Eeeeek pinch me!!! You can see it HERE. I feel like a proud DIY mama!!!

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Building DIY pergola

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