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8 Tropical Home Decor Ideas

8 Tropical Home Decor Ideas

Do you ever dream about living in a different style home? I love beach houses, country cottages, cabins, even yurts! Today let’s talk about 8 tropical home decor ideas that will virtually whisk you away!

The places shown in this article are on the island of Kaui. Kaui is the Garden Island, named for the many emerald valleys and tropical rain forests. Walking out around you can see the abundant greenery.

In the distance from most places you can see the peaks of lush, green mountains. Meanwhile the yards have yellow hibiscus, citrus tress, banana plants and other tropical plants.

We have been to Kaui a few times now and I fall harder each time we visit.

Join me as we tour different examples of tropical home decor.

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1. Use natural materials.

8 Tropical Home Decor Ideas. Modern tropical

In this powder room the shell chandelier, grass cloth wallpaper, and live edge wood counter all bring in doses of nature.

This room is in a house that is a modern tropical style. What is modern tropical style? Think clean lines but with natural materials found in the surrounding area.

2. Add architectural salvage.

8 Tropical Home Decor Ideas. Indonesian salvage

This house is what I call global tropical.

The Indonesian door with transom brings warmth and character to this new build home.

3. Carved wood details add exotic flair.

Carved wood global tropical

Here is more of the global tropical style.

A carved wood furniture piece used as a bathroom vanity adds warmth to the space just as the Indonesian door above.

4. Get romantic.

8 Tropical Home Decor Ideas.  Canopy bed

There is something so romantic about a canopy bed, at least to me.

I know the fabric on a canopy bed was originally functional mosquito netting, but it just looks so pretty!

In a modern day tropical setting, mosquito netting may still be functional while still looking attractive.

5. Embrace indoor outdoor living.

Indoor outdoor living

Retractable doors, bi-fold doors, French doors, and sliding doors all allow for the indoor outdoor living that mild climates make possible.

And when you need a break from the outdoors, whether it’s to run the air conditioner, keep out bugs etc, it’s nice to at least see the outdoors.

This leads to the next idea.

6. Bring the outdoors in.

tropical foliage

Of course it isn’t always possible to have live foliage at every window or opening. Maybe you live in the city and want to bring the lush tropical jungle vibes to an apartment.

Use faux greenery to achieve the same look.

Which brings me to the next tip.

7. Create focal points.

living wall 8 Tropical Home Decor Ideas

This faux living wall seen above gives the illusion of looking out of a window onto foliage.

Rattan daybeds like this totally evoke a tropical boho feel. Pile on the pillows and get ready for a nap!

8. Invest in artwork.

Tropical floral mural.

A large scale botanical makes for a nice backdrop behind the seating here.

Artwork is another way to bring nature into tropical decor when the real deal isn’t available.

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