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Easy Tropical Floral Arrangement

easy tropical floral arrangement

Experimenting with different flowers in arrangements is really fun. Let’s make an easy tropical floral arrangement.

While visiting Hawaii, I was struck by the beautiful flower arrangements that I would see at various businesses. Some places would have a gorgeous pot of orchids, while other places would have a mix of different stems.

Walking around neighborhoods, I realized that much of the local landscaping was comprised of the same plants that I would see in arrangements.

This got me thinking that I could try to make my own arrangement from the plants I saw during my walks.

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Some plants to use for a tropical floral arrangement.

How to make an Easy Tropical Floral Arrangement

A bonus about tropical plants is that some of them last a super long time after being cut.

Let’s get creative!

Cut leaves and flowers.

Hawaiian Ti plant

Choose pieces like branches and leaves for your foilage.

Next, cut flowers for your focal points.

Cut stems and remove leaves.

Easy Tropical Floral Arrangement

Remove any leaves that will be touching the water. This will prevent that murkiness that cuts the life of floral arrangements.

Red ginger and Hawaiian Ti plant

Cut stems to be about equal in length. You can trim again as needed.

Start placing stems in a vase.

 Tropical Floral Arrangement

First, place foliage in the vase followed by the focal stems- your flowers!

Here I use the Red ginger as my main event and Hawaiian Ti as a supporting role.

A white vase adds a crisp contrast to the bright flowers and leaves. I marked a few good options above.

Display your flowers.

Easy Tropical Floral Arrangement

This display will be against a wall so the leaves of the Hawaiian Ti are a nice back drop.

We had leis leftover from a luau and my son decided to place around the vase. I think it’s a nice touch and a great way to re-purpose a lei.

The red ginger lasted about two weeks. The Song of India will last even longer! The Hawaiian Ti is the one that goes first.

Get the look without the work…

or with faux and dried options.

Have some more questions?

What are some tropical plants? There are so many tropical plants, but some of the best for a floral arrangement include Bird of Paradise, Anthurium, Heliconia, Protea, Palm fronds, and Monstera.

What climates are good for tropical plants? Zones 9 to 11 are considered ideal for tropical plants.

What occasions are good for a tropical arrangement? Any special occasion you would get any other arrangement! And of course theme parties, like a luau.

Thanks for reading! Hope you visit again!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Marie! All these tropical flowers remind me of what I used to grow in my previous garden. The faux ones you shared are so realistic! thanks for sharing!

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