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Baby’s First Christmas Ornament DIY

Baby's First Christmas Ornament DIY

Ever since my son started kindergarten we have been so busy with school events. One of the latest tasks is making ornaments for his class. While assembling the ornaments, I was inspired to create a version of it for a Baby’s First Christmas Ornament DIY. Keep reading to see what I made!

My son’s teacher requested twenty of each type of ornament: stars, donkeys, baby Jesus’ and others. The ornaments will be given to the students as part of an assignment that teaches the nativity story. After the lesson, kids will be given the ornaments to take home.

I first signed up to make stars because I happened to have the exact amount of wood stars with string already attached for hanging. My son and I added glitter to kick them up a notch. Hopefully parents won’t mind the glitter dust that inevitably sheds ha ha.

No one signed up to make baby Jesus ornaments, so I decided to take that task too. You can’t tell the nativity story without him! See my twenty babies down below!

Baby ornaments

As I was finishing up the babies in their mangers I thought how this concept can be modified to make a baby’s first Christmas ornament DIY!

It worked out perfect because my friend Juliet of A Loverly Life organized an ornament blog hop and I now I had a concept. Make sure to visit all my friends at the end of the post to see what they came up with.

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament DIY

Materials for baby’s first Christmas ornament DIY

Materials for DIY baby's first Christmas ornament

When I set out to make something, I first think of all the items I have on hand. I had green felt left from the Jesus ornaments, but I wanted something neutral.

Enter my old sock collection! Do you have one too? Growing up my mom saved old socks for polishing furniture and dusting. Just slip a sock on your hand like a glove and ta-da. Anyway, I also dip into my stash for crafts from time to time.

My husband had recently retired a pair of gray socks that would make the perfect swaddle for my baby ornament.

Any scrap fabric will do; a little bit of weight helps to hold the shape.

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Cut fabric for swaddle.

Using old sock to make a holiday ornament

With my swaddle fabric selected, I cut about the height of a triangle to about three inches.

Glue wooden bead down.

DIY ornament for baby's 1st Christmas

The bead is about 1/2 inch in diameter. I glued it toward the top of the pointed side.

Wrap sides of fabric to create swaddle.

DIY ornament for baby's first Christmas

Glue down the edges of the fabric to hold the swaddle shape.

Punch a hole for hanging.

upcycle  Christmas  ornament

Punch a hole at the top of the fabric to add a string for hanging.

The only tool I had on hand was a very old single hole punch.

A better hole punch option would be this tool.

Add finishing touches.

Baby's First Christmas Ornament DIY

Then I thought of how to personalize the ornament and show it’s for a first Christmas. My printing and cursive are not super straight or super pretty, but I figured I could at least write out the year!

If you have pretty writing or stencils or a Circuit, you could include the baby’s name too.

More ornament ideas!

Click each link below to see each ornament idea:

Shower steamer ornaments

Vintage ceiling tile ornaments

Ornaments made from napkins

Easy homemade ornaments

Pin “Baby’s 1st Christmas Ornament DIY” and save for later!

Baby's First Christmas Ornament DIY

No time to DIY? Shop these ornaments.

16 thoughts on “Baby’s First Christmas Ornament DIY”

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  3. Wow, my friend, you have been busy making Christmas ornaments! They are al so cute and I love the idea of making one for babies first Christmas! Pinning now! I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas!

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  5. What a cute idea, looks like you have been busy making many ornaments! I like the idea of using socks as a duster, I always seem to lose a sock in the dryer somewhere! Thanks for linking up to Whimsy Home Wednesday.

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