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Favorite Vintage Finds Of 2020

Despite the tumult of 2020, there were definitely silver linings like more family time, slower pace, and some fantastic vintage finds! Read on to see some of my favorite finds.

Chinoiserie Pagoda Lamp

Social media, especially Instagram was a great way for to me connect to others during pandemic stay home orders, social distance measures and all the rest. It was on this platform that I also discovered a new to me Seattle store called Gracious To Home. This chinoiserie pagoda lamp above was a bit of a splurge for me, but it is so special that I had to have it.

FREE Chinoiserie Wicker Trunk

This next item was definitely not a splurge! It was in fact FREE!!! I’ve seen similar on 1stdibs for $550! I didn’t list the finds in any particular order, but this might be my favorite simply because it was free 🙂 The description lists this trunk as a 1970s Asian trunk in campaign style design with brass hardware. My photo is not great quality; it was a shot I took right after bringing it home. The engravings on the hardware are of pretty delicate birds and other details. See below for the listing.

For a time, thrift stores were closed in Seattle and I think it was just easier for people to give their castoffs away. Quarantine cleaning and projects seemed to lead to a lot of purging. Some people left items out for first come first serve, while others would arrange a time to leave it out after messaging. I found this listing on Nextdoor. Are you signed up for your neighborhood? I have got a treadmill, locker and other items for free from this site! It can vary from place to place. I know a lot of people have better luck over on Facebook marketplace.

Brass Candelabra

Speaking of Facebook Marketplace, the candelabra shown here was my very first find on the platform! After seeing Instagram friends sharing their deals from FB, I finally checked it out. I haven’t had as much luck as Nextdoor though. One kind virtual friend explained how to narrow down the geographic setting so that I would stop seeing only listings for places two hours away. I think there is still more for me to learn, but location was a game changer. The same friend who walked me through FB Marketplace nuances, also pointed out this candelabra to me! I had been eyeing one that was more expensive, but knew something cheaper was waiting in the wings. Side note- if you are interested in making a wreath like this you can see the tutorial here.

Elephant Fireplace Tools

After missing out on a pair of hand forged tools at an estate sale, I was feeling mopey. I then found a set of cool looking wrought iron tools at a thrift store that weren’t as special compared to the estate sale tools, but they were only $10 or $12. I bought them and used them for a time, then I spotted this elephant set! I had never seen anything like it. I am really happy with them. They are unique and make me smile when I see them.

The details are so cool! I am kind of a sucker for all things animal. I try to restrain myself from buying every cute animal thing I see, but this was an exception. These aren’t solid brass and I don’t know much about them, but they add a touch of whimsy. Sometimes the value of an item is they way it makes you feel rather than dollar amount.

Terra Cotta Column Plant Holder

One rainy day my son and I passed by a consignment store that I had always meant to pop into. We had time and I decided to check it out. This terra cotta plant stand stood out to me and I envisioned it in our dining room. I pictured it originally sitting in a fancy conservatory or greenhouse space. The column ties into some of the artwork in this room and the color pops against the paint color.

This column like the other pieces I’ve shared, feel like pieces I will always cherish. I am not sure where the years ahead will take us, but I have been known to lug furniture from place to place. I like mixing styles for a bit of eclecticism, so I would hope to take these along no matter the style of house we move to.

Don’t Leave Just Yet!

There are a few articles I wanted to share before you go.

Last October Jamala of Viva La Vintage- For Your Home revealed the makeover of a beautiful Art Deco cabinet. I love how she made the piece come to life again! She also has a follow up post where she added some extra oomph. I would totally have something like this in my home!

Sometimes you find furniture or wood accessories that have a great shape, but the wood isn’t necessarily good quality or the tone is wrong for your style. Rosemary of My Home and Travels has a DIY Chalk Paint Recipe that would be great for those thrifted pieces that need some sprucing up.

Thrifting doesn’t always mean finding old wares. There are plenty of times I’ve found current household items too. Laura at Everyday Edits found this great Pottery Barn Water Hyacinth Tray Knockoff. Her story is a great example of keeping your eyes peeled for an unexpected find!

CoCo from The Crowned Goat shared some beautiful Vintage Valentine Gift Ideas. I think her ideas would be giftable all year long!

Vintage-Valentine-Gift-Ideas-The-Crowned-Goat-12 Vintage Valentine Gift Ideas Holidays Valentines

Thank You!

Thank you so much for reading! Did you have any top second hand finds last year? Do you stick to one style when you thrift or do you just buy what you like? Drop me a comment and say hi!

30 thoughts on “Favorite Vintage Finds Of 2020”

  1. What great finds! Your woven trunk stopped me in my tracks. My parents had one exactly like it that they bought in Japan, when my dad was stationed overseas. It was in our hallway forever. Oh, how I wish I’d held onto it. I could really use some pointers on Facebook Marketplace. This year I’m on a search for art and I know there are great finds out there if I just knew the ins and outs of finding them. xo

  2. Thanks so much for the sweet shout out, Marie, I really appreciate it. One of the things I miss most about our lives pre-pandemic is being able to treasure hunt at all sorts of charity shops and events. I’m really excited about all the things you’ve found. They’re all really beautiful and such fabuous finds too. I can’t wait to see what you bring home next! Hugs and thank yous, CoCo

    1. You’re so welcome CoCo! Thanks for letting me include your lovely post. I miss pre-pandemic easy thrifting days too. One silver lining was finding new to me sellers on Instagram & FB & my neighbors giving away items on Nextdoor ☺️ Thanks for your sweet words 💗

  3. Great post, I love all your vintage finds especially the lamp and the elephant fireplace tools. I get most of my second-hand deals from the eBay small ads which is a bit like Facebook marketplace. Sometimes, I don’t find anything for months and then boom, I find everything I want. I was quite succesful last year. I managed to get lots of things for my son’s student digs and also some for a room makeover I’m doing. X

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