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DIY Ornament Ball Wreath In 8 Easy Steps

Metallic ornament ball wreath hanging on gold frame mirror. DIY Ornament Ball Wreath In 8 Easy Steps

Do you have any wire hangers laying around? How about ribbon? If yes, you already have half the materials needed to make this ornament wreath! Keep reading to see how I made this DIY ornament ball wreath in 8 easy steps!

Just in time for the holidays! Here is a pretty easy project to deck out your door or any space in need of some cheer.

DIY ornament ball wreath laying on print carpet.

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Several years ago I tried this project when I was looking for a low cost way to make a wreath. I had found tubes of shatterproof Christmas ornaments at Dollar Tree. I loved it so much that I made ones for my office at work. When my husband and I last moved, I gave the wreaths away in an effort to downsize. I remembered the ornament wreaths I had made and figured it would be fun to try a new one.

Step 1. Gather materials.

Materials to make DIY ornament wreath

This time around I purchased shatterproof ornaments from Amazon. I definitely paid more compared to The Dollar Tree, but convenience won. Besides the next day delivery, Amazon also had a larger color selection. I went with champagne and rose gold balls in various sizes. Other than the ornaments, I already had the wire coat hanger from the drycleaners, which is the frame for the wreath. If you don’t do dry cleaning, thrift stores often have wire hangers or pop into a dry cleaner to ask if you might have one of theirs. I also had some beautiful velvet ribbon which I’ve had for ages. Years ago I purchased it at a fabric shop that was going out of business. Similar options in pink, blue and black would work great! In addition to these items shown, you may need scissors if your ornaments come with hanging strings, and wire cutters if you need to trim the hanger.

Step 2. Decide on your pattern.

DIY Ornament Ball Wreath In 8 Easy Steps. Metallic Christmas ornaments.

I opened the ornament packages and spread the ornaments out in a tray. I did this for easy access, to prevent them from rolling off the table, and to look at the patterns and colors together. The packs I chose have glitter covered ornaments. Beware if you are glitter averse! My table and I and other surfaces in the vicinity were covered in a fine glitter mist. Nothing like some sparkle to make you feel festive.

Step 3. Unwrap the wire hanger.

Hands holding wreath frame.

After unwrapping the hanger I laid it out and began to shape it into a circle. It doesn’t need to be flawless, as the ornaments will cover the wire. However, you do want the shape to be as circular as possible. After taking the picture above I made a few more adjustments to round out the wire.

Step 4. String ornaments on wire.

Stringing ornaments onto wreath frame.

Time to add the ornaments. In the photo above you can see I left all the ridges in the wire. After the ornaments have been strung on the wire, you will wrap the two pieces again to close the wreath loop.

Step 5. Check your pattern.

Tray of metallic ornaments to be used for a wreath.

String along several balls to get a visual of your creation. Initially, the wire seems to show too much. Keep adding more balls and the emptiness will fill in. Feeling doubtful? See below for a more filled in look.

Step 6. Keep adding ornaments.

Hand holding wire wreath frame to make ornament wreath.

At about half midway through, you actually start to see a wreath! It was at this point that I did a quick inventory and realized I was running low on one of the champagne color balls in my pattern. I undid all my work and started over, adding several more of the rose gold ornaments to my mix. This turned out to be great, as it added more textures and sizes.

Step 7. Twist hanger back together.

Hand holding wire hanger while making wreath.

Once you reach the other end, you twist the wire back to its original hanger-like state. When I closed the loop I noticed one side was a bit sparse. I untwisted the wire and added a few more balls.

Step 8. Add a ribbon or bow if you like.

Woman tie ribbon on wreath.

The wreaths I made in the past had large bows that I fashioned out of wire-edge Christmas ribbon. I hot-glued these bows on the wire to camouflage the hook of the hanger. This time around I did not have the wire edge ribbon and decided I didn’t need a bow after all. I simply tied the ribbon in a way that will allow me to hang it. Voilà!

DIY Ornament Ball Wreath In 8 Easy Steps

DIY Ornament Ball Wreath In 8 Easy Steps. Ornament wreath hanging on mirror.

There is a huge selection of ornament wreaths online, ranging from just under $20 to over $200. When I first made these, I didn’t see too many that were readymade, but now there are traditional red and green, candy colored, coastal inspired seafoam, beautiful aged iron, and wreaths filled with vintage ornaments! This gold wreath is quite similar to the one I made. Take a look below for inspiration or to buy one!

Pin DIY Ornament Ball Wreath In 8 Easy Steps

Before you go, I wanted to share some other holiday DIY projects and decor!

First up is this super cute DIY Farmhouse Growth chart by Jessie at Home Sweet Fixer. She made this for her son with the help of her sister and mom. I love that it was a “girl’s project”. The vintage school ruler look is so charming. This would make a great holiday gift. And look how cute she styled it. Jessie’s power tool skills always impress me. Follow her along to see what she’s building next!

DIY Wood Growth Chart

Next up is Danielle’s Laundry Room Makeover-Christmas Edition. She re-did this space as part of the One Room Challenge and now she has it decked out for the holidays! How fun would doing laundry be here? Make sure to see all the details at Faith and Farmhouse.

Laundry room makeover christmas edition

Thanks for reading! Are you ready for the holidays? Leave me a comment and let me know your favorite holiday craft or tradition that you do.

51 thoughts on “DIY Ornament Ball Wreath In 8 Easy Steps”

  1. First of all your ornament wreath is so gorgeous! I have never seen one before and think it’s amazing that it just takes a coat hanger and a good eye! It’s beautiful up against your pretty mirror. The velvet ribbon is the perfect touch!

    Secondly, thank you so much for featuring my growth chart! I appreciate you taking the time to share it, and your friendship most of all. Thanks Marie!

  2. I forgot to mention how cute that laundry room is decorated for the holidays. I haven’t found the time to decorate each corner of our home but would love to! And pillows are always a great gift especially when they are handmade or custom. I’ve never been good at crochet or knitting but maybe it’s not so bad without the needles!

    1. Aww you’re so sweet. I haven’t decked out all spots at home either. I’m slowly decorating 😊 I’m also not great at knitting or crochet. I started a stocking for my son & never finished lol.

  3. Do I have left over hangers?!!! What a great idea … I also have a couple of some extra ornaments I didn’t use and planned to return … but now I’m going to give this a try! xo

    1. I know some people use a normal wreath frame and glue on ornaments to a garland. I learned about this method years ago & loved that I could make use of those pesky dryclean hangers ☺️ Thanks for reading!

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  8. kim@shiplapandshells

    What a beautiful DIY idea my friend. Loved it so much I shared it on my weekly blog post. Pinned. Thank you for sharing at Charming Homes and Gardens.

    1. Thank you so much Kim! I read your post yesterday 😊 That was so exciting to see my post listed along with so many talented bloggers. I appreciate the share and your weekly work on Charming Homes and Gardens!

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