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Home » Holiday Christmas Home Tour- 5 Ideas I Plan To Reuse Next Year

Holiday Christmas Home Tour- 5 Ideas I Plan To Reuse Next Year

What is your holiday decorating style? Do you pick a new theme each year? Do you focus on items passed down from family? How often do you retire decorations? After a few Christmases in our home, I think I have decorations down! Read on to see what ideas I’m keeping around for next year.

1. Ornament Wreath

I have made a few ornament wreaths over the years, but this one is by far my favorite. I made it last year for our front door, and I almost gave it away this year, in favor for a fresh wreath. Before adding it to the donate pile, I changed up the ribbon and moved it here on my mirror just to see what it might look like. I really liked it with the gold, so I continued adding to this area until it all came together.

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2. Extra Ornaments

After reading a post from a fellow blogger here in the PNW, I was inspired to put some extra ornaments to use! Kim of Shiplap and Seashells has the most charming cottage and her holiday vignettes got thinking about ways to display the ornaments I had leftover after I made the wreath. I knew it was smart to save them! This is such an easy way to add color around the house.

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3. Brass Candlesticks

For an easy centerpiece I mixed new and vintage items. The mercury glass tree is from Anthropologie many years ago. I picked up the bottlebrush trees from a local shop last year. This year I thrifted the candlesticks and thought they would pair well with the trees. To tie in to the wreath, I scattered some of the leftover ornaments. Vintage pieces are easy to pick up at thrift shops, estate sales or Etsy. For some new versions, shop below.

Brass Candlesticks From Vintage Inspired To Modern

4. Tree Collar

This was a spur of the moment purchase. It was on sale, so I went for it. Storing it isn’t the easiest. It does take up more space then the tree skirt we used to have. However, I will manage the awkward storage for the look it achieves! See some nice options below. Bonus- some are on sale! I know not everyone wants to store more things, but you can score some deals in the season clearances.

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5. Light Up Mercury Glass Trees

I liked the mercury glass tree I purchased from Anthropologie all those years ago, so last year I looked for some others. Target had silver ones that light up and this year I grouped them with fresh garland on the mantle.

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17 thoughts on “Holiday Christmas Home Tour- 5 Ideas I Plan To Reuse Next Year”

  1. It’s all very beautiful. I love the brass candlesticks – it’s funny, brass has never been in my sightline with regard to decorating but I’m beginning to like it. I love the tree collar – I might have to try one. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. What a lovely home! We tend to use many of the same decorations over and over again; a few I have that were passed on my grandmothers, a few from my husband’s side of the family and some we’ve purchased on our own. That said I do like to try and mix things up from year to year and hang/display things in new places.

    1. Thank you Kim! Your vignette post was so great! Thanks to you the extra ornaments didn’t sit in the basement like usual ha ha. Scattering them around really helped tie my color scheme together 💖 Cheers to 2021 friend!

  3. I can see why you would use them again, Marie! They are all so pretty. I especially love the ornament wreath and brass candlesticks. Thank you for sharing! Glad our paths crossed this year!

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