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How to Cut a Starfruit

How to Cut a Starfruit.

Have you ever tried starfruit? It isn’t something I stock in the kitchen regularly, but it is a food that feels special. It reminds me of vacations, summer cocktails, and overall good times. Keep reading to see how to cut a starfruit and ideas for serving.

Starfruit’s proper name is Carambola. The fruit it native to South Asia.

It will be ripe when the skin is mostly yellow with a bit of green around the edges. If it starts to brown, store in the fridge to prevent over-ripeness.

These are high in vitamin C and fiber but individuals with kidney issues or taking high blood pressure medicine should consult a physician before eating.

Slice width-wise along the fruit.

star fruit on cutting board

Wash the fruit thoroughly and slice, discarding the ends.

Can you eat the skin of a star fruit?

Yes! No need to peel the skin off.

What does starfruit taste like?

There is a bit of a citrus taste mixed with a grape. The waxy skin might not be appealing to all. It is thicker than most fruits I can think of.

Remove seeds.

Removing seed from a starfruit

The seeds are easy to remove with just the tip of a knife.

Look at the fun stars!

Sliced starfruit

Garnish a beverage with a slice of starfruit.

fruit garnishing a cocktail

You can simply slide a slice of starfruit on the rim of a glass.

Or you can get more elaborate and add the slice to a cocktail skewer along with some other fruits.

Add starfruit to a fruit platter.

Starfruit in a platter

Starfruit slices are so festive looking.

Of course the fruit mixes well with other tropical options, but when paired with strawberries and blueberries you have an instant patriotic dish for Memorial Day or Fourth of July.

Try this- create fruit skewers with whole strawberries, starfruit slices, and black or blue berries.

Other ideas for starfruit- use to garnish a green salad or cake.

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How to Cut a Starfruit

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How to Cut a Starfruit

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