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How to Style Velvet Pumpkins

How to Style Velvet Pumpkins on a coffee table

As the crisp air and vibrant foliage of fall arrive, it’s time to transform your living spaces into cozy havens adorned with seasonal decor. One way to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your fall setup is by incorporating velvet pumpkins. Keep scrolling to see how to style velvet pumpkins.

Today I am sharing not only my tips on decorating with velvet pumpkins, I have joined together with several of my blogging friends for a Pumpkin Bash!  We will be sharing lots of ideas about pumpkins!  My friend, Kimberly from Farmhouse to Florida is the hostess of this blog hop.  You will find all the links to my friends’ posts at the bottom of this post!  Once you have completed the hop, you will be ready to bring on the fall decor! 

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How to style velvet pumpkins

Elegant Fireplace Mantel Display

Velvet pumpkins and metallic decor items on fireplace mantel

Brass candlesticks // Green velvet pumpkins // Similar beige velvet pumpkin // Similar copper tray

Adorn your fireplace mantel with a collection of velvet pumpkins and candle holders. Choose pumpkins of different heights and sizes and arrange them alongside the flickering candlelight. This combination creates a warm, cozy ambiance that’s perfect for those chilly autumn evenings.

How to style velvet pumpkins in a breakfast nook.

How to Style Velvet Pumpkins in a breakfast nook

I love to decorate our breakfast nook for the seasons. This Christmas look was more involved than the look above, but so fun to create!

To get a similar look, gather the pumpkins on a vintage, silver tray with other items like a small sugar bowl used as a vase. Set the pumpkins at different heights, and slightly askew for visual interest.

Add velvet pumpkins in the kitchen.

How to Style Velvet Pumpkins

You might not want to add velvet pumpkins where you do a lot of prep, but a coffee station or command center is perfect.

Open shelves, glass cabinets and small hutches are perfect too. We recently added this antique shelf after scouring Ebay, Etsy and more. Originally, when we designed the kitchen we meant for two open shelves to be here, but as we lived in the space longer, I wanted something antique to contrast with the counter and cabinets.

Create a Luxurious Centerpiece- Arrange the pumpkins in a tablescape.

Tablescape with garland and faux pumpkins

Design an opulent centerpiece for your dining table using velvet pumpkins. Here I simply set them on a faux eucalyptus garland, and added candlesticks in the middle. The table setting above was part of a fun holiday collaboration I did.

Or, place a large decorative tray or rustic wooden platter in the center, and arrange an assortment of velvet pumpkins in varying sizes on it. Intermingle them with some faux fall leaves, pinecones, and even a few twinkling fairy lights for an enchanting effect.

If you are crafty, you may be able to whip up some DIY velvet pumpkins (by my friend Julie of My Wee Abode) faster than Amazon shipping can deliver!

For more inspiration

Our hostess Kimberly shows you more ways to decorate with faux pumpkins.

To set the mood for a fall decorating session you might need to make these pumpkin spice brown butter pudding cookies.

Feeling crafty? Try these DIY scrap wood pumpkins.

Enjoy these inexpensive ways to decorate for fall.

Shop the post!

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