How To Make A Silhouette Keepsake

Have you been crafting or tackling projects during the cold weather? I tried an easy sentimental project that would fit in a gallery wall or would be perfect to gift! Read on to see.

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Valentine’s Day Picks From Anthropologie

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Do you decorate? Do you wear pink and red? I don’t go all out, but I will wear a red cap or pink scarf on the day. Pieces that can be used beyond Valentine’s Day are ideal. I have a blush velvet couch, so I’m sort of always ready for a Valentine party! Keep reading to see my selection of housewares and clothing that will work for Valentine’s and beyond.

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Preschool Crafts: Airdry Clay Valentine’s Hearts

Seems like air dry clay and salt dough projects are everywhere! I haven’t used salt dough since kindergarten! How about you? I was at Target and saw a tub of air dry clay and thought I should give it a try. Read on to see what my son and I made!

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Steps And Tips To Pot A Succulent Plant

Have you joined in on the houseplant craze? We have amassed a small collection. I especially love the versatility of succulents. They are pretty low maintenance. Read on for steps to potting them and some tips I’ve learned over the years.

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