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How To Make A Small Wreath For Windows

Cuttings from a fresh Christmas tree, trimmings of a cedar garland that is too long or left over branches from pruning outdoor plants all work well for a handmade wreath. Join me as I show How To Make A Small Wreath For Windows!

Making holiday decorations with fresh greenery is my favorite look. One year I made a pampas grass Christmas tree and it turned out so cute.

For more fun I’ve joined my friend Kippi’s blog hop to share more DIY wreath ideas. Please visit the others posts at the end of this article.

If you are new here, welcome and I hope you visit again! I talk about everything from our renovation projects to recipes to holiday crafts. I love vintage pieces and involving my kids in hands on projects around the house.

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How To Make A Small Wreath For Windows

Step 1: Prepare Your Materials for How To Make A Small Wreath For Windows

Gather all your materials in a well-lit and spacious crafting area. Make sure you have enough space to spread out the wreath base and easily access your decorations.

Materials Needed:

  1. Wreath Base: Choose a small wreath base that fits your window dimensions. You can use a foam or wire wreath base, readily available at craft stores. I like to use 6 inch embroidery hoops because they are very lightweight. They work well on my windows as well as my kitchen cabinets.
  2. Foliage: Opt for artificial or dried foliage in colors that complement your home decor. Consider using pine branches, eucalyptus, or faux berries for added vibrancy. Clippings from a cedar garland well because they are flexible to form in a circle.
  3. Decorative Accents (optional): Gather small ornaments, ribbons, or bows to embellish your wreath. This is where you can get creative and personalize your design. I like the look of unadorned wreaths for my windows because I have a lot going on elsewhere in my house!
  4. Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks or Floral Wire: Essential for securing foliage and decorations to the wreath base. This 22 gauge floral wire is my favorite to work with when I use fresh or dried greenery.
  5. Ribbon: Choose a sturdy wire or ribbon to hang your wreath on the window. I look for pretty ribbons at rummage sales, thrift stores and yard sales.

Step 2: Arrange Foliage

Start by arranging the foliage on the wreath base. Experiment with different placements until you achieve a balanced and visually appealing design. Trim any excess stems using wire cutters.

Once you’re satisfied with the foliage arrangement, use the hot glue gun to attach decorative accents. Be it ornaments, bows, or ribbons, let your creativity shine through as you personalize your wreath.

Step 3: Secure Hanging Mechanism

Attach a sturdy wire or ribbon to the back of the wreath using hot glue. Ensure it’s securely fastened to guarantee your wreath hangs perfectly on the window.

Step 4: Hang on Your Window

Find the ideal spot on your window to display your charming mini wreath. Use suction cups with hooks for a damage-free attachment, or simply hang it by the ribbon or wire. I secure the ribbon at the top of the window frame with a small push pin.

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Kippi shares her DIY citrus wreath. The coordinating velvet ribbon is perfection.

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Shop the look

No time to make your own small wreaths? Simply click on the images below to shop mini wreaths for kitchen cabinets, wreaths that would look cute on your windows, or on the back of dining chairs! I tried to pick different styles that suit everyone’s taste.

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  2. Lovely fresh window wreath is perfect for holiday decorating and the scent is marvelous too.
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