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Pampas Grass Christmas Tree

Pampas grass Christmas Tree

Last year I made a pampas grass wreath and this year I’ll try my hand at a small pampas grass Christmas tree! Keep reading to see how it turned out. I’m still on the fence about it….

For extra holiday fun, I am joining a 14 Days of Christmas Blog Hop hosted by Juliet of A Loverly Life. Hope you visit all the other posts after you see how my pampas grass tree turned out!

If this is your first visit, my name is Marie and I live in Washington with my husband and two kiddos. Oh and our cat!

We live in a 1929 Tudor Revival style house and have/are extensively renovating to try to bring back the original charm!

Back to pampas grass. I found some really nice stems and some small, scraggly ones.

Of course you can purchase faux and dried versions at Michaels, Amazon and many other shops.

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Collect Your Pampas Grass Stems.

Lady in car with grass stems

This photo is from last year when I collected grass for a pampas grass wreath. When cut fresh and in their prime, the tops are nice and fluffy!

Don’t let the fluff fool you though. The tops are soft but the blades are super sharp!

I had no idea that pampas grass could tear up your skin until I actually went to cut a few stems.

Beware and protect your hands and arms if you cut your own stems.

Curious about pampas grass? Some common questions about this grass that seems to be everywhere lately.

What is the purpose of pampas grass?

Pampas grass is often used for it’s ability to prevent erosion and it provides height and texture in landscape designs.


Is pampas grass dangerous?

It is considered invasive in many areas because the seeds spread quickly and it chokes out native plant species, diminishing biodiversity. In fact, it is banned in Australia.


Is pampas grass dangerous to dogs?

It is not dangerous to dogs or cats if ingested. But as I mentioned above, the blades are really sharp. Fresh plants can scratch animals just as they can humans.

Spray Grass with Hairspray.

hand spraying hair spray on pampas grass

This helps to preserve your grass and more importantly it helps to prevent shedding.

After spraying, let the stems dry about 24 hours.

Cut Down Stems to Fit Your Tree.

Hand cutting a grass stem

I read a couple different tutorials about making pampas grass Christmas trees to get an idea of how to approach the project.

One way uses a Styrofoam cone and another way uses an old faux tree.

Walking around Dollar Tree I found faux table top trees. At $1.25 I couldn’t go wrong.

You can find a faux tree at yard sales, Facebook Marketplace, thrift stores, and dollar stores as I did.

Depending on the size of your base, you may need to cut your stems.

Fasten Stems to Tree.

Fastening pampas grass to faux tree

I use florist wire for so many projects.

Even though it is green, I was able to tuck it behind the fluff and wrap around the faux tree branches.

I also experimented with clear fishing wire and that works really well too.

Display Your Tree!

Pampas grass Christmas tree

The large pampas grass trees are very beautiful, and I would love to try to make one at some point.

For now, the table top size is perfect. My little tree turned out a little wonky, but I’ll call it charming ha ha.

Christmas tree with lights

Although pampas grass is often associated with boho decor, I think the furry look can fit into Scandi style and depending on how it is styled it can fit into any other style!

Set inside the silver bowl, tree matches my own style (which is sort of traditional grand millennial with a twist)

The delicate fronds don’t need many adornments, just a few fairy lights will do.

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Pampas grass Christmas tree

Thanks for reading Pampas Grass Christmas Tree! I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Before you go…

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Shop “Pampas Grass Christmas Tree” supplies!

Pampas grass Christmas tree supplies

Complete the look with more decor ideas!

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