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Paper Towel Roll Napkin Ring Craft

Paper Towel Roll Napkin Ring Craft. DIY napkin rings

Earlier this year I tried decoupage for the first time and now I am trying it on everything, even paper towel rolls! Join me to see the latest paper towel roll napkin ring craft.

Were you here when I made these decopauge blue and white grand millennial inspired ornaments? I had supplies left over and thought it would be fun to make something coordinating.

I did a search to get some ideas for blue and white napkin rings, but mostly found vintage or second hand items.

Here are some of the best examples I came across:

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To make this project even more fun, I teamed up with a few friends to share some holiday inspiration for a Holiday Hop!

Paper Towel Roll Napkin Ring Craft

They all have really beautiful homes and different styles.

You will find the links to their lovely posts at the end of the article.

Gather Materials.

Paper Towel Roll Napkin Ring Craft. Supplies to make diy napkin ring

The large sheet of paper is from The Paper Source and it is sold by the sheet. They have so many pretty options.

The little square is a paper napkin that I didn’t end up using. Maybe another time.

And the paper towel rolls make this a great upcycle craft!

Do you need special glue for decoupage?

I use Modge Podge, which has held up well. 3 parts Elmer’s Glue-All diluted with 1 part water would also work, but I haven’t attempted it. There are other glue brands for decoupage crafts as well, but I haven’t tried any.

Mark Size of Napkin Ring.

drawing line on paper towel roll by napkin ring

Mark off how big you would like your napkin rings. I use a napkin ring I already have as my guide.

What surfaces can you decoupage?

Just about any surface can be decoupauged (is that a word??). In addition to cardboard, terra cotta, wood, glass, metal, tin. It doesn’t hurt to test an item before going full force on a project.

Cut the Cardboard.

cutting paper towel roll

Use a blade like an Exacto knife or similar to cut the cardboard into rings.

Measure Paper to Fit the Napkin Ring.

Paper Towel Roll covered in decorative paper

Some decoupage techniques use bits of scrap paper overlapping. Since I am working with a small surface, I chose to use a solid piece of paper.

What materials can you use to decoupage?

I’ve only tried paper napkins and the craft paper above. Wrapping paper, card stock, even some cottons and linens can be used. Once again, trial and error is the way to go! Test a small sample to see what sticks and how well.

Apply the Modge Podge.

Using Modge Podge on paper towel roll

Opt for a paint brush that will provide smooth application, like a foam brush.

I lay scrap paper down when I do this step to prevent the Modge Podge from creating a mess on the work surface.

Tip: make sure to cover the inside of the ring too!

How many layers of Modge Podge do I need for decoupage?

At least two, but up to five or six coats for a smooth coating.

Do you have to seal decoupage?

Modge Podge has a built-in sealant, but for extra protection and waterproofing, use a varnish or polyurethane.

Napkin Ring Ready for Christmas!

Paper Towel Roll Napkin Ring Craft

Adding a sprig of fir from our Christmas tree and a plaid runner, makes a festive Christmas table setting.

Of course this print can be used for any other occasion too, like the napkin rings in the Valentine’s table setting shown below.

Napkin Rings Valentine’s Edition

DIY napkin rings Valentine's Day decor

I found the paper for this version at a shop here in Seattle. It contrasts with the pale pink linens so well.

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Decoupage napkin rings

Now lets see what the friends put together!

Crystal of Sweet Valley Acres created a super unique wreath.

Marieza of Home With Marieza made a super cute Christmas village from scrap wood.

Melba of Cocoon Raw shares her idea for DIY candle holders that you will love.

Thanks for reading Paper Towel Roll Napkin Ring Craft! Hope you visit my casa again soon!

52 thoughts on “Paper Towel Roll Napkin Ring Craft”

  1. This is brilliant Marie! I loved your previous project and this one is beautiful also! thank you so much for putting together this blog hop, it was so much fun.

  2. Marie!!! This is such a fantastic idea! So creative and inexpensive! I am always looking for new napkin rings and now I will be making them like you did!!! Thank you for sharing and hopping along with me on this blog hop!

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  4. What a great idea! I love to decoupage and this is a great way to customize Christmas napkin rings and can’t beat the price too. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

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  6. What a beautiful and easy project to make! That gorgeous blue and white paper is perfect for every day or a special occasion. Thank you so much for linking up at Whimsy Home Wednesday!

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