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How to Revamp Your Fire Pit Table with Spray Paint.

How to Revamp Your Fire Pit Table with Spray Paint.

Do you have a fire pit table that has seen better days but still works fine? No need to get rid of it. With these Easy Spray Painting Techniques I will show you How to Revamp Your Fire Pit Table with Spray Paint.

Note- this post has been updated to include more “after” photos from the original version done in 2021. To skip down to read How to Revamp Your Fire Pit Table with Spray Paint click Jump to tips.

Welcome back to another week of the One Room Challenge! Thanks as always for visiting. If you need to catch up on previous weeks, you can click the links below:

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backyard renovation
The root of our change in plans- pun intended.

If you read last week, you know that our tree trimmers flagged the patio layout as a potential threat to our very large pine and cedar trees. They suggested consulting with their arborist. Luckily the arborist had availability in the same week. When he came, he reassured us that our plan was mostly good to go. The one thing he suggested we change? To move the patio away from a large root that we had initially intended to cut into.

Hurray! We are so relieved! No material changes, no undoing the retaining wall, no major changes.

Patio footprint.

backyard renovation retaining wall

Our contractor came and we shared the news. Originally we had planned to create the patio ourselves, but with the slope of the yard and our basement project, we decided it is best to have the contractor do it. He spent a few hours measuring and re-measuring, and digging out the space for the new patio footprint. Moving the patio closer to our house means adding another level of steps to bridge the gap in the grade. The large gray rectangle pictured is weed barrier fabric just waiting for gravel, pavers, and pea gravel!

After the patio layout was finally determined, major rainstorms came in! More delays.

North side of the yard is now level!

low retaining wall in backyard

Not doing the patio ourselves is nice, but also one of the pros of doing projects yourself is the flexibility to work on it any spare moment. On the days workers can’t be here, I just want to jump in. To keep myself busy I’ve been tackling staining and painting and landscape shopping. This week is the fire pit paint.

How to Revamp Your Fire Pit Table with Spray Paint.

How to Revamp Your Fire Pit Table with Spray Paint.

I bought this fire pit one winter during pandemic to host people at Christmas and follow the social distance guidelines at the time. I chose it because it is a good height to keep out of reach for little ones and there wasn’t much else at the store. My husband really dislikes the faux oil rubbed bronze look but it works well and isn’t even that old!

If you’re looking for a simple and cost-effective way to update your fire pit table, spray painting can be an excellent option. By giving your fire pit table a fresh coat of paint, you can transform its appearance and give it a new lease of life. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of updating your fire pit table with spray paint, step by step.

Removing labels.

prep before spray paint

I moved the label to the inside of the door that accesses the propane tank.

Apply an oil like cooing oil to stubborn sticker residue.

using oil to remove sticker

In my haste I started to scrape right away, which just made more work.

I thought this project was going to be really quick. On a morning when the rain broke I went out to start painting. I thought it would wrap up and then I could take my little guy to a park or something (school is out for summer, so I’m balancing projects and mom time). There were not one but two of these sticky labels!

Use a razor blade to scrape the sticker residue.

scrape off a sticker from metal

Learn from my mistake and let the oil sit for about ten minutes.

Clean residue with dish soap.

cleaning fire pit table

The dish soap removes both the oil and any remaining sticker residue. I vaguely remember something about hydrophilic properties from chemistry class ha ha!

Once the sticky residue is gone, do a general wipe down.

prep before spray painting a fire pit

If your fire pit has rust, make sure to clean it with a wire brush.

After sanding and or using a wire brush, make sure to wipe down with a damp cloth. Then allow the fire pit to dry completely.

Tape off all surfaces you don’t want painted.

How to Revamp Your Fire Pit Table with Spray Paint.

Adding a piece of cardboard over the whole panel would have been smarter. To prevent overspray, I held up cardboard while I sprayed.

In addition to taping off any surfaces on the fire pit table, make sure to cover the area where you will be spraying. Also, make sure you are working in a well-ventilated area and wearing an N-95 mask or other.

Note- make sure to use a spray paint that is made for high heat! I went with with matte black spray paint. High heat compatible spray paint also come in copper, white, blue and more!

Sand any drips.

spray paint tips for a fire pit table

My first coat of spray paint had drips that I sanded before applying the second coat.

Apply second coat and let dry!

How to Revamp Your Fire Pit Table with Spray Paint.

Nothing too exciting, but it does look less busy without the faux detail. If you have an older fire pit that is rusted, you can use a wire brush on rust before painting. Definitely worth trying before giving up on still functional fire pit. Let me know in comments if you have ever updated a fire pit.

How to Revamp Your Fire Pit Table with Spray Paint.

This is how the patio after the One Room Challenge was complete. I styled the freshly painted fire pit table with a tray I also spray painted.

Pin How to Revamp Your Fire Pit Table with Spray Paint.

Tips for painting a fire pit
How to revamp a fire pit table with spray paint

Before you go, make sure to check out the One Room Challenge site where you can catch up on other Guest Participants’ and the Featured Designers’ projects. It is so fun to see how everyone is doing and all the creative ideas!

Shop for your patio!

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