One Room Challenge Spring 2021 – How To Refinish IKEA Outdoor Furniture

Great strides have been made! And then, a hiccup, possibly a huge hiccup. So what do you do to work through a problem? I move onto another item on my list. Read on to see updates and a staining project.

If this is your first time checking out the site, welcome! I’m Marie and we have been renovating our 1929 Tudor Revival style house for the last few years. This is the first time we are taking part in the One Room Challenge; the idea of working on a project timeline with the camaraderie of others is very motivating and appealing. We are working on our backyard for this round. Make sure to check out the other Guest Participants and Designers further in the post.

So what is the huge hiccup I mentioned earlier?

Well, tree trimmers came to work on our pine tree after a huge branch fell earlier this year. While they were working they suggested we have the arborist return to check out the patio the contractor started to dig for. They think the amount of dirt we shifted around might be to heavy for the tree roots; apparently even three to four inches can affect tree roots.

Luckily the arborist is able to come this week. Hoping they don’t find any issues or if they do, hoping there is minimal changes needed to carry on with the patio! Wish us luck!!

While waiting for the arborist’s visit I knocked out a couple items from my to-do list. I decided on the plants for the retaining wall and purchased….

The fragrant plant option!

I arrived at this decision due to comments on last week’s post and the nursery had the most of this plant in stock. The original groundcover I planned to use didn’t actually look great when I placed it next to the Daphne. I chose another plant that provided a bit more contrast. It is difficult to see from this photo, but there are tiny white flowers. Hoping to plant these and the rest (not shown) next week!

The next thing I completed is the refinishing of our IKEA Applaro seating. We purchased a set after buying our first house when we lived in California and made the move to Seattle. We debated buying a new set, but to save some money, I decided to refinish the stain.

Gather Materials.

Gloves, mask, sand paper/sanding block, stain (we have had this IKEA stain since we bought our set, seven years ago!), and cheesecloth. You can use a brush or sponge instead of cheesecloth. We happened to have cheesecloth readily available (read- I was too lazy to dig through our messy basement of totes to find anything else lol).

Sand the wood.

If the texture of the wood isn’t terribly rough, 120 grit will work. You can go higher grit if needed. Test a section to see what works best.

Wipe off sanding dust.

Use a damp cloth to wipe any dust before you start to stain.

Make any necessary patches.

As I was sanding I noticed that a couple spots needed some wood filler. You can patch up any holes and let them dry while you start staining other sections.

Start to stain.

I simply hold the cheesecloth to the bottle and invert it to pour out the stain. The cheesecloth ended up working very will in between the slats.

Apply second coat.

After letting the first coat dry, apply one more coat. We also have the dining table and a few other items from the Applaro collection, but I’ll get to those items another time. Can’t wait to style this sofa once the patio is complete!

What remains on the list.

Make sure to check in next week to see how the arborist visit goes and if our plan stays the same or changes. Thanks for reading!

To do:

  • Build low retaining wall in east portion of the yard, this is space closest to the back door where there is currently gravel.
  • Order pavers, caps for wall, blocks for wall
  • Order pea gravel.
  • Finish dismantling paver walkway and replanting Irish Moss.
  • New grass.
  • Break up current patio slab.
  • Build a border (rocks?) for patio space.
  • Fill patio space with square concrete pavers and pea gravel.
  • Shop for plants.
  • Add plants along edges of retaining walls.
  • Repair and stain current patio furniture (or source used/new depending on time and budget)
  • Remove small pavers and Irish Moss (to be replanted)

Head over to see what the other participants are up to!

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  1. The refinished furniture looks like new! Good luck with the arborist and the trees. I’m sure everything will work out fine. Best laid plans! It’s coming along so nicely, can’t wait to see it finished.

  2. oh, this is a lot of work
    your furniture look great and I think you save a lot of money
    greetings from Germany

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