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5 Painting Tips For A Small Space | ORC | Week 3

tips for painting in a small space

Are you ready to see what color we chose?! At the last minute I changed my mind! Keep reading to see the color and see 5 painting tips for a small space.

Welcome back to another week of the One Room Challenge! At the end of the post I share links for you to learn more about the challenge and to check out the other projects!

My family is coming to town this weekend and I am really excited! My sister will be staying to help with my little guy and baby. Before Baby TDC arrives, I’m hoping she can help out with finishing touches in the nursery nook and maybe some other projects.

Okay, okay on to the paint color!


Painting Tips For A Small Space PPG Paint in Winter Peach 2021 Color trend

The color is PPG’s Winter Peach was one of their 2021 Color Trend choices.

When we went to Home Depot to get paint, my husband and I were debating the final choice. Heading there, I was so certain I wanted Honey Crisp.

Then my husband said if I changed my mind about the color, it would be easier to paint over a light color than a dark color. So I went with Winter Peach!

At first I didn’t love it on the wall! But it is growing on me and I feel like I am in a time crunch.

Have I mentioned that baby is due just two days after my son’s birthday?? I really want to plan a little party for him before she decides to come. Plus, Halloween is coming up – so much happening!

Next up are the 5 painting tips for a small space.

1. Scale down your tools.

Orange paint tray with paint roller and paint tray

For this tiny nook, a small 6 inch roller is just fine. Anything bigger would be awkward in the tighter spots.

The ceiling in this space is lower than our main floor, so I was able to reach the highest point with just a step ladder.

Small space calls for small tools.

Painting Tips For A Small Space. Using small roller on wall

3. Don’t skimp on prep.

Room taped off and prepped for paint

The space is small, but still needs good taping off and removal of fixtures. In the picture above I hadn’t taken off the outlet plate yet. Taking of switch plates and outlet covers is way easier to me than trying to tape them off.

4. Try a painting hack for clean lines.

Painting Tips For A Small Space Close up of painter's tape on wall

My husband shared this tip with me. It’s definitely a technique you can use in larger spaces too.

After taping off the area, paint along the edge of the tape using the color that is under the tape. This seals down the tape and instead of the new wall color potentially leaking under the tape, the existing color goes through. Sounds sort of odd, but look at the result below!

REmoving painter's tape from wall

It might seem a bit tedious, but worth a try. Especially in a small space, you can devote some time to try it out.

5. Mind your corners.

Painting a wall corner with small brush

Our old walls still have some lumpy texture and need to be brushed in order to fill crevices, especially the corners.

Getting close.

Room in progress of painting

It is so difficult to show the color on a screen. I am not sure I love it, but for time’s sake I am sticking with it.

So what is still needed?

The vintage dresser still alludes me. After scouring so many listings, I have nothing. When my mom and sister visit we will have a day of antique shopping! I am determined to find the dresser then! This dresser is my Moby Dick ha ha.

Something I wasn’t planning on was the state of the curtains. They were new in package from IKEA and a great deal I got at a thrift shop. I had looked them up and I swear the description said they are black out.

However, when I opened the pack, they are definitely not black out!

Options are to try some panels I found at Target that you attach to existing curtains. Alternate, is to buy totally new curtains.

Week 1 September 30th: Moodboard and goals for the space.

Week 2 October 6th: Clean out space and how to choose nursery colors.

Week 3 October 13th: Paint! 5 Painting Tips For A Small Space.

Week 4 October 20th: Paint curtain rod and hang curtains & art.

Week 5 October 27th: Set up dresser/changing station.

Week 6 November 3rd: Last minute changes.

Week 7 November 10th: Snoo (overpriced bassinet that tempts sleep deprived parents lol) in place.

Week 8: Nursery Nook Reveal!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out the designers and guest participants on their journeys HERE. And read more about the One Room Challenge!

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5 painting tips for a small space

23 thoughts on “5 Painting Tips For A Small Space | ORC | Week 3”

  1. I really like the color. It’s very subtle and I think it will look beautiful when you have everything else finished. Congrats on checking this piece of the project off your list! xo

    1. The wall color choice is always the big hurdle for me. I’m sure this nursery will be beautiful for that sweet baby girl. 💕

    2. What a great color! I don’t see many rooms using this color, loving it. Can’ t wait to see the finish room, so excited!

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