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How To Style Vintage Furniture As Changing Table

How To Style Vintage Furniture As Changing Table

Week 5 of the One Room Challenge started off on a great note. My sister and I worked on the changing table and made tons of progress prepping for baby. Read on to see how to style vintage furniture as changing table and the plot twist that happened at the end of Week 5.

During Week 4, my family was in town and I finally found a vintage piece of furniture that would be suitable as a changing table. I like to think they brought me good luck on my Nextdoor and Facebook Marketplace searches! Before they arrived I had seen quite a few pieces I liked, but missed out on all.

Bonus, the seller offered to load the piece for us.

With the changing table in place, my sister and I got to work washing baby clothes and getting all the supplies in place.

We were on a roll!

Then I started to write this post and went into labor!

Funny enough, I had a doctor appointment earlier in the day and set a c-section appointment for November 19th.

Baby girl came early just like her brother. The new bassinet was scheduled to arrive ten days before the due date, which was the recommended time frame. Luckily, my mom brought up the bassinet I used for my son when we lived in California or else we would be scrambling for a bed!

I’ll share more in the coming weeks, baby schedule permitting.

For now, let’s talk about how to style vintage furniture as changing tables!

Measure height for comfort and width for changing pad.

vintage oak buffet

Like I mentioned, I missed out on so many dressers. Then this buffet appeared in new listings on Facebook Marketplace and I jumped to respond.

The height is great for changing comfortably and the width accommodates the changing pad with enough space.

It is solid oak and had been in one family for many generations. In the photo above, it is used as extra kitchen storage and before that it was in a dining room.

A kitchen/dining item might seem like an odd choice to some, but envisioning how you will use an item allows you to get creative. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

Assess the storage.

wood dresser drawers. How To Style Vintage Furniture As Changing Table

On the left you can see the drawer lined in a felt fabric for silverware. You can also see my pregnant belly as it was just a few days before giving birth!

However, when I see these drawers I picture onesies and such rolled up in sweet rows.

Before teensy clothes can go in, cleaning and lining is needed.

Clean and prep to suit your needs.

materials to line drawers

With leftover wallpaper, like I show above, or drawer liners, you can add pops of pretty colors or prints.

My plan is to use the drawers to store clothing, blankets, and towels. In the cupboard, I will store diaper boxes and baskets with larger clothing.

Before I put in all of the precious baby things, this needs a thorough cleaning.

Vacuum, dust, and de-yuck.

cleaning out dresser

De-yuck is not a word, but it was the only way I could think to describe what we need to do to this drawer ha ha!

Overall the item is really clean and in great condition. This one drawer just needed extra T.L.C.

Think about long term use.

lining a drawer

Firstly, this will be used to store clothes and diaper gear.

What about after the diaper days?

As the little miss starts to toddle, the cupboard could be used to house toys- easy access and a great way to hide a mess.

The drawers can store dress up clothes or activity books.

Another great feature of using a dresser, buffet or other cupboard is that you can always move it to another part of the house.

What style is your nursery?

How To Style Vintage Furniture As Changing Table

A vintage dresser like I am using might not work with all styles, but a mid-century modern dresser would work with a variety of styles.

A 70s rattan dresser would be cute in a boho nursery.

Later in the article I include links to changing dressers that are new, but with a vintage vibe.

What is your budget?

lining a drawer

There are many great deals to be had second hand. The trick is to act fast and be persistent.

I missed out on one free dresser and many others that were less than $100.

Here are some quick tips to help snag your piece:

  • Know measurements before you start to search, so you can jump on a listing.
  • Have your pick up method in place. Most sellers are eager to get their items moving, so make sure to say you can pick up immediately or inquire about when their earliest availability is.
  • Message a seller immediately to show interest.

How much space do you need?

use wallpaper to line drawers

This sort of ties in to topics already discussed above.

Do you have a spacious nursery that can accommodate a dedicated changing table and separate dresser?

Are you setting up multiple changing stations? In a multilevel house it is nice to have dedicated spots on each floor, even if its just a diaper caddy and changing pad.

Tiny clothes all in a row.

baby clothes in drawer

Since baby girl decided to come early, we have been using this set up and loving it!

So many late night diaper changes already done here, so many more to come ha ha.

Shop Vintage Inspired Changing Tables

Plus, Shop All The Cute Supplies

Week 1 September 30th: Moodboard and goals for the space.

Week 2 October 6th: Clean out space and how to choose nursery colors.

Week 3 October 13th: Paint! 5 Painting Tips For A Small Space.

Week 4 October 20th: Paint curtain rod and hang curtains & art- How To Style A Small Nursery

Week 5 October 27th: Set up dresser/changing station & finish curtain hanging.

Week 6 November 3rd: Last minute changes.

Week 7 November 10th: Snoo (overpriced bassinet that tempts sleep deprived parents lol) in place.

Week 8: Nursery Nook Reveal!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out the designers and guest participants on their journeys HERE. And read more about the One Room Challenge!

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How To Style Vintage Furniture As Changing Table

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  1. Love the dresser/changing station you found and how you customized the drawer liners too. I can’t believe she’s already here. That is so exciting, Marie, I’m over the moon for you. Hope you both are well and have lots of extra hands to take care of you. Congratulations, CoCo

  2. So excited for your family! I love how you think of the smallest details, like the inside of the drawer. So beautiful already Marie!

  3. Love that you thought outside the box. A perfect solution! I’m in love with the liner. Congratulations on that new baby girl! Can’t wait to meet her and that new nursery!

  4. Wow where to star? First, congratulations on the arrival of your baby girl! What’s her name? So happy everyone is healthy!

    Now that the important stuff is out of the way, this is a fantastic piece. I love the drawers lined and filled with tiny clothes.


  5. Congratualtions!! Your baby girl will grow up in a home filled with love! You are blessed 😊 That piece is perfect for a changing table – the storage is perfect for all the baby clothes and such. Love that paper in the drawers – you little one was such a helper! Pinned 😊😊

  6. What wonderful news, Marie! What a special time for you and your family during this magical time of year. I love your new changing table, what a stroke of luck to find it at just the right time. It must be so great to have your mom and sister too. Can’t wait to hear more about your new little missy! xo

  7. What a beautiful piece of furnuture! Loved seeing your belly in the photos but wouldn’t gave noticed unless you said something. Your nursery looks fabulous and congrats on your precious little girl!

  8. This is such a beautiful piece. I was weeks late with both my babies so I kind of envy you being early. I guess it was a bit of shock to not be prepared though. Congratulations on your baby girl!

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