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Home » How To Style A Small Nursery | ORC | Week 4

How To Style A Small Nursery | ORC | Week 4

How To Style A Small Nursery

It is the half way point in the One Room Challenge! Feeling pretty good about the progress! Today I’m sharing how to style a small nursesry.

My family is visiting and I had set a to-do list of things we could do together.

Plans got a little mixed up, but we did make some nursery progress!

I finally found a dresser on Facebook Marketplace! And we did some thrifting and found some cute trinkets. My mom and sister must be good luck because before they arrived, I kept striking out on the dresser hunt 😉

Next week I’ll share the dresser and start to get it ready for a changing station.

I didn’t finish the curtain hanging like I wanted to. This week hubby has been using the nook as his workspace while my fam stays in the guestroom/office.

When I can sneak into the space, I have been playing with accessories on a shelf that used to hang in our kitchen.

A small nook can’t fit a ton, but small items add little bits of character and warmth.

Here are my tips for how to style a small nursery.

Add artwork

Beautiful botanicals

Floral print with book

Artwork is an easy way to add color without taking up much room. A poster, a small collection of framed pieces or one big piece can make a big impact.

Bouquets like this are perfect for a baby girl and will definitely have longevity as the nursery becomes a big girl room. I’ve purchased quite a few pieces from this artist, Brittany Smith.

She has prints, originals, and the occasional home item. Her site is full of gorgeousness. Over on Instagram she announces new collections and sales.

Cheerful and whimsical

Wood toy and kids art on shelf

This is my son’s room. The Rifle Paper Company has so many cute, playful prints. I linked some of their options at the end of the post.

Side note- This IKEA shelf has a slim profile with a picture ledge that can be styled in so many ways.

Soft abstracts

Illustration of a bust with dried lavender

My friend Elle has some of the prettiest artwork. Beautiful portraits, architectural drawings, and more. Take some time to peruse her site and you will feel transported!

She has a background in interior design and it totally shows in her adorable home. Follow her over on Instagram to see news of new collections and glimpses of her stylish abode.

Versatile landscapes

Landscapes in a vintage gold frames.

Brittany suggested I check out artwork by Shannon for the nursery nook. It was love at first sight.

She and I both live in Washington and I can definitely see how the environment influences her paintings.

The clouds in the Pacific Northwest are pretty dreamy and she captures the quality so well.

Make sure to check out her Etsy Shop to see more examples of her work. And follow her on Instagram to hear news of new prints and collections.

Add vintage and sentimental pieces.

How To Style A Small Nursery. Vintage items for a baby room.

Shopping my house proved to provide all he tchotchkes I need!

The little bunny is a nightlight that I used for my son’s room. It is small, cute and functional!

The sweet card in the middle came from friends. Framing pretty cards is a budget-friendly trick my mom did growing up.

Books of course make great decor; the ones shown were mine as a kid. Speaking of childhood items, the silver stork cup is my husband’s baby cup. Aren’t sentimental items the best?

All of the other items are vintage pieces from around the house.

Stuffies and toys make cute decor.

How To Style A Small Nursery. Toys on a shelf in nursery.

Using toys for decor is easy. Tiny babes have no use for blocks and dolls. Make them useful and style them on a shelf.

As kids grow up, they can help rotate items that go on shelves. I think it helps to highlight toys my son has forgot about.

As they grow, it is fun to add your little one’s art into the mix.

Don’t forget the babyproofing in the nursery and whole house!

Shop Nursery Art & Accessories

Click on the images to shop!

This post contains affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase via one of these product links, we may make a small commission at no additional cost t you. Feel free to read our disclosure policy. Thanks for your supports!

Week 1 September 30th: Moodboard and goals for the space.

Week 2 October 6th: Clean out space and how to choose nursery colors.

Week 3 October 13th: Paint! 5 Painting Tips For A Small Space.

Week 4 October 20th: Paint curtain rod and hang curtains & art- How To Style A Small Nursery

Week 5 October 27th: Set up dresser/changing station & finish curtain hanging.

Week 6 November 3rd: Last minute changes.

Week 7 November 10th: Snoo (overpriced bassinet that tempts sleep deprived parents lol) in place.

Week 8: Nursery Nook Reveal!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out the designers and guest participants on their journeys HERE. And read more about the One Room Challenge!

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How To Style A Small Nursery

37 thoughts on “How To Style A Small Nursery | ORC | Week 4”

  1. Aw friend, this made my day:) you are so incredibly sweet and I absolutely love the styling on the photo of my art!! So beautiful! Love you, Marie

  2. I love all of your inspirations. I cannot wait to see the final reveal. The nursery is coming together. It’s going to be so beautiful when you are done.

  3. So excited about the way the nursery is coming along, Marie! I know it’s going to be gorgeous. Keep up the good work. It probably feels like a lot of work right now but you’re almost finished! Hugs, CoCo

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