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ORC | Week 2 | How To Choose Nursery Colors

How To Choose Nursery Colors. Photos of paint samples by rug samples.

The countdown to wrap up the nursery nook before Baby TDC arrives has started! This week I’ll share how to choose nursery colors. Let’s go before my water breaks!

Welcome back for another week of the One Room Challenge! I really do appreciate your visit and encouragement.

If you have never heard of the One Room Challenge, it is great event where selected designers and guest participants (like me) sign up to remodel\redecorate a space in a given timeframe. Fall 2021 and my first ever Spring 2021 challenge are both 8 week events. Normally the challenges are 6 weeks, but with supply chain issues holding up many projects, the legnth of time was bumped up.

Make sure to visit the other participant’s projects and read more about the challenge by clicking the link at the end of the article!

Last week I showed the moodboard and goals for the space. You can check that out HERE if you missed it.

This week let’s talk about how to choose nursery colors.

Jars of paint samples.

First off, I chose pink/blush tones based on the other colors we have going on in our bedroom. Since bebe will only be in our room temporarily, I want a color that I won’t hate looking at once we move her into another room.

Leave it to me to choose four paint samples that look so similar, at least the little dots on the lids do.

Let’s see how they look on the wall.

Consider lighting & longevity.

Paint samples on wall.

The most important thing to me is how the paint shows in the room.

What type of light does the room get? Will you use lamps and overhead lights? Do you have a central overhead and/or pocket lights?

Since the nook sits with east facing windows it is brightest in the morning.

The colors above are “Honeysweet” and “Winter Peach”.

Paint samples on wall.

Above you see “Brandy Alexander” and “Fiesta”. These photos were taken at the same time, on opposite walls.

At night my husband said he liked “Winter Peach” the best. My son said his favorites were all four ha ha!

However, in the morning light hubby said he likes “Honeysweet”.

I am leaning to “Fiesta” and “Honeysweet”. Let me know in comments which you prefer!

How will paint look next to accessories?

Jars of open paint samples near rug and curtain samples.

In addition to the way natural light affects the paint, I want the paint to bring out the blush tones of the rug. This rug is part of my moodboard. I went to see it in person and bought it to try in the space.

I think it works really well with the paint choices and curtains.

Oh gosh speaking of curtains, I bought these curtains under the pretense that they are black out. Yet, when I opened them I see they are way more sheer than I anticipated! Brainstorming commence!

Back to rugs and how the paint looks next to them.

I couldn’t help but buy this more whimsical option:

How To Choose Nursery Colors. Pink Paint samples

It was a total impulse purchase. Our cat Blanca would possibly shred the embroidered details. This rug also seems like it would attract dirt and look dingy very quickly. Not sure how I feel about it next to our wood floor. Maybe it would look better against a darker floor?

The thing is, my husband really likes it!

I may have to veto him though. I am definitely leaning to the first option. Not only is it way cheaper, but it is way more versatile should I want to use it in another area later.

As if I don’t have enough decisions to make, I took a look at vintage rugs on Etsy and found one I may want to try in the space. I’ll keep you posted!

Questions to ask when choosing a nursery paint color.

What colors do you graviate to?

Look around at the colors you already use. Nurseries have become so fun over the years. Pink, blue, and yellow/green (gender “neutral”) aren’t the only options anymore. Start with what you like.

What kind of light does the room get?

Put up your samples and look at how they dry and look at different times of the day. Turn on any lamps or other lights you will use.

Will this nursery be the future “big kid” room or will they be using a different room eventually?

I explain above how I want this little nook to be a color that will work once the space is transitioned back to grown up space. So I don’t want bubblegum, ballerina, or Pepto Bismo pinks. I am not sure how much energy I will have to paint our nook AND prep her next space. You feel me?

What will you be doing in the room?

Is this the space where you will be doing the majority of the feeding? Will other siblings or family members use the room or share the room for sleeping?

What furniture and accessories will you use?

Do you have any passed down pieces or are you repurposing furniture from another room? Check how that antique dresser grandma gave you will look against the paint.

If you are buying new items, how do they look in the room versus ow they looked in the store?

What’s happening next week?

Woman holding paint sample

As I show you nursery nook progress, I’ll share the bump progress too 🙂 Don’t mind the messy bed in background.

The 8 Week Outline

Week 1 September 30th: Moodboard and goals for the space.

Week 2 October 6th: Clean out space and how to choose nursery colors.

Week 3 October 13th: Paint!

Week 4 October 20th: Paint curtain rod and hang curtains & art.

Week 5 October 27th: Set up dresser/changing station

Week 6 November 3rd: Last minute changes

Week 7 November 10th: Snoo (overpriced bassinet that tempts sleep deprived parents lol) in place

Week 8: Nursery Nook Reveal!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out the designers and guest participants on their journeys HERE. And read more about the One Room Challenge!

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How To Choose Nursery Colors. Paint samples in blush and pink colors.

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