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One Room Challenge Nursery Reveal

One Room Challenge Nursery Reveal

One Room Challenge nursery reveal is here! It is such a small space; just a nook really. So this tour won’t take too long ha ha.

The Fall One Room Challenge is coming to a close. It’s an exciting time to see all of the reveals.

The driver for me to join the challenge was my baby on the way. She decided to come three weeks early, and luckily we were pretty much ready for her.

Her nursery is in a small nook in our bedroom. We filed a permit to build out a proper bedroom, but we aren’t even close to starting that project.

Let’s look at where we started and how it came together.

Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5 | Week 6 & 7 skipped because the little miss arrived!

The nursery mood board.

One Room Challenge Nursery Reveal mood board

I started out with a concept of a vintage inspired space that can easily translate to a big girl room. Since this little nursery is in our bedroom, and won’t be her forever room I wanted versatile pieces that can be moved to different parts of the house and no major projects that stand out from the rest of the bedroom.

Some of the elements from the mood board worked how I wanted and some not so much.

The curtains for instance, were a bargain from a thrift shop. They were still in the package and for some reason I thought they were black out curtains. By the time I realized my error, it was getting close to the deadlines- ORC and due date!

A quick internet search yielded these curtain liners that can be layered behind a curtain. They do indeed block out light!

Gathering inspiration.

Items in flat lay for vintage nursery

New and vintage items from around the house add special touches and sentiment to the space.

The stork cup is my husband’s baby cup and the books were mine from childhood.

Art and accessories.

Landscape in vintage frame and basket

Once I settled on a paint color and rug, the art sort of fell into place. Over on Instagram I was introduced to Shannon Elle, an artist that happens to also live in Washington! That beautiful landscape seen above is her creation.

Changing dresser and storage.

vintage oak dresser as changing table.

The main component of the vintage vibe is a vintage dresser. This piece eluded me!

I searched for months on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist and Nextdoor. Just four weeks before my due date I found the piece shown above.

My mom and sister were in town when I found it. They were my good luck charms and so helpful in my whole prep process.

Tiny but functional!

One Room Challenge Nursery Reveal

Here is the nook! It is tiny, but has everything we need. Clothes and blankets fit in the top drawers of the cupboard, while diapers, wipes and other items fit in the bottom.

Our shelf was a yard sale find that holds art and trinkets.

The art in the oval is a drawing of the Arc de Triomphe by my friend Elle Yount.

oak antique cupboard in nursery. shelf with basket and painting.

Wasn’t that quick? It’s just a little pocket of a space. Thanks for stopping by!

Make sure to visit the One Room Challenge site to view all of the projects! So much fabulous inspiration to swoon over!

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23 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Nursery Reveal”

  1. Marie – your nursery is so beautiful. I just love how pretty and comforting it feels – I am not putting it into words properly but it just feels like a space that you would feel great in! Congrats on the birth of your sweet baby girl!

  2. Marie … you’ve done an amazing job with your bedroom nook. I love it. It’s such a sophisticated yet sweet baby space. I hope you’re little early arrival is snug as a bug in her wonderful new nursery. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving! xo

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